Do you buy Designer IT bags?

I only purchase classic or timeless styled bags from high-end designers, ones that will stand the test of time. Having said that, I've seen many gorgeous IT designer bags out there and of course there are plenty of tempting glossy magazine ads, but the bottom line is I would never invest that much money into something so trendy.

In the past if I wanted a trendy bag I would buy it from a lower-end designer, but 1) wasn't happy with my overall purchase. 2) Didn't like the quality. And 3) I'd get so bored with it very quickly. Ultimately, I'd feel like I wasted my money, so now I stick to my classic collection and bypass the IT bag.

I thought it would make for a great topic to find out how many of you buy IT bags from high-end designers or do you stick to the classics?
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May 23, 2009
Up until recently I only bought bags that appealed to me regardless of name. I would see a smart tailored looking bag @ Banana Republic and buy it, Kooba, etc. It wasn't until recently that my niece lectured me that instead of buying all these bags, that I buy one iconic bag. I listened & bought the YSL Rive Gauche. I am quite happy with it, but being a bag lover, I still keep looking all the time at new bags. I am not married to a bank so I look! My next venture is either going to be a Bally, BV or Tod's. I am told Tod's bags are strong as iron and last a lifetime so I am leaning a little in that direction. BTW, all of my bags last & I don't baby them. I wear them in all weather but NEVER place them on the ground! (Only in my bedroom.)


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Jun 25, 2007
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I also prefer classics for much the same reason as you. I am sometimes tempted by some of the more trendy bags, but can't justify spending $1000 plus on a bag I'll only carry for a season.


May 23, 2009
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If I like an 'it bag' I wait till the trend is way over before buying. It's like a test to see if I really like the bag or just the fashion.


Feb 7, 2007
I try to only buy what I love and will use, it bag or not. Mostly none it bags.


Feb 27, 2007
Austin, Texas
I used to buy "It" bags until they started to be really popular with counterfeiters (e.g. YSL Downtown, Valentino Histoire). At that point I realized "It" bags and me were done and I put them up on eBay while I could still recoup some money. As much as I loved the bags, I hated the poor quality fakes that would probably make mine look fake to the untrained eye. And, yes, I do care about people thinking I am carrying a counterfeit since I hate them so much. Fakes make me so angry and I will go out of my way to report them, that's how strongly I feel.


Mar 23, 2006
England, UK.
I don't tend to buy (what I think of as) 'it' bags, no, but nor do I tend to buy what are normally considered to be timeless classics, either.

I buy what I like - i.e. the designs I consider to be the most aesthetically pleasing and suited to my needs.

If there isn't something I truly love, I won't buy anything at all.

I find you can't really go wrong if you do that, as it's pretty hard to regret buying something you, genuinely, love the look of and that is perfectly suited to you. :smile:


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I agree with everyone here...I buy what I like whether its an it bag or not!
There are PLENTY of "it" bags that I never liked...

Buy what you truly love....
Don't buy becuase its on sale or an "it" bag, that's my moto....

That said, I will wait for my bags until I can get them on sale...that requires a LOT of patience.


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Apr 26, 2007
I only buy the bags that I like...most of my bags do come from either LE or seasonal lines...however, that is just how my personal taste is. I would get bored with a classic bag.


Dec 13, 2008
New York, NY
While I understand the appeal of the IT bags... I just don't want to get them. I bought one once, it was in the spring collection of Coach, I wore it still like the next year or so and I actually heard someone in the elevator whispering "that bag was SO last season" this happened in my SoHo office. Argh! So lesson learned. :P


Sep 9, 2006
i used to buy into the hype. i had all the it bags: paddington, muse, gaucho, coffer, city, and stam. i liked them all, but didn't consider whether or not they'd be compatible to my lifestyle and needs. the only two i've kept is the stam and the city, and i'd love to own a coffer again.

i'm over it bags and have learned to only buy what i like. now it bags have become somewhat of a turn off for me. i found the alexander wang coco duffel appealing when i first saw it, and now that seemingly everyone is trying to get one, i stopped wanting it.


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Feb 10, 2007
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Giving the matter some thought, I realize that I have bought bags that some might say were the "it" bags of the moment. (I'm thinking of the 2005 Re-Release of the Chanel Reissues) but I've never bought a bag just because it was an "IT" bag. It's now 2009 and Re-issues are not dated so I don't know that it was even an "IT" in the true sense of "IT" bags. After all, "IT" bags tend to have a very short lifespan, usually, one season? Hmmmm?
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Apr 5, 2008
I don't buy IT bags because I don't want to look like everyone else. I also think I'd be offended if I overheard someone saying that my bag was "so last season"!