Do you buy clothes to go with your MJ's or MJ's to go with your clothes?

  1. I've been thinking a lot about changing my wardrobe. Now that the bulk of my bag collection is MJ, some of my clothes just don't seem right. Not that they will look bad, it's just that I think I am ready for a change. It got me wondering. Do you look at your wardrobe and then decide what the next color/style of MJ will be or do you just go with the bag you love and then buy stuff that works with that bag? Am I making sense? I guess because so many of the MJ bags are unusual colors, I wondered how you all worked them into your current wardrobe.

    I am thinking of paring down and looking for some really simple, solid colored pieces that would work well with the MJ's.
  2. I think my taste in bags (color, style,etc.) compliments my clothing style. I don't have a big problem matching outfits to bags... But then again I don't wear a lot of bright colors or prints so it's easy for me.
  3. I dress more pencil skirts/dress pants/ dark denim jeans/button downs. Usually, my bags just sort of match. Although, sometimes I have clothing that I want to buy a specific color bag for. Ex. I have this sweatshirt that I love and it has bright citrus colors in it, I am still looking for the perfect yellow bag to match that, hence the one on my wishlist. Other times, I get the bag, because I love it and buy something for it. But overall, the bright colors that I have, such as sky blue and spearmint look great as pops of color against my black/grays/browns etc...KWIM?
  4. both? for the most part everything i buy tends to complement one another. i have a classic slightly trendy style, so i tend to gravitate towards clean lines, neutral colors, and anything that i feel will last me for multiple seasons. i don't know if i am phrasing this correctly, but my tastes in accessories and clothes don't vary so widely from one another that i would buy or even like a shirt or a bag that wouldn't go together, kwim? it wasn't until lately that i've been making a more conscious effort to inject some color and fun into my wardrobe. if i dress on the "boring" side, i at least want my shoes and accessories to look interesting.
  5. Thanks to Melly's influence I am now dressing my bags in Hermes! Never mind what I look like!! As long as my MJ is well dressed!!
  6. LOL:lol:
  7. good question... i cant say that i've gone out and bought anything to match my MJ bags because I have soooo many clothes in my closet that I can find something that works. But when I wear my worn in jeans and hoodies or something more casual depending on the destination, I won't bring an MJ bag along...
  8. sort of independently buy ....since most of the time i am in jeans/boots/tops for work and casual for vacations and weekends i just dress and GRAB whatever bag matches what i am wearing....
    for special occaisions i sort of plan it out ...outfit first then bags but if i am going to see my sister in laws NEWEST GORGEOUS BAG first then outfit! lololol
  9. I was already a clothes/shoes person and I like classic clean lines, so my bags are just an accent to what I already have.
  10. Yup. Me too! :smile: