Do you buy clothes online?

  1. The impossible has happened: I have lost my motivation to GO shopping. :shocked:

    Shopping with my 1 yr. old son is a PITA!!! I like the idea of online shopping - but I have some concerns.

    I'm spending some time checking out Bluefly... anyone have good experience there? What happens if the dress doesn't fit? I mean, you know how it is in the store, you see something gorgeous on the rack and it's hideous on you. Or - something just 'meh' on the hanger is TDF when you've got it on...

    Talk to me...:hrmm:
  2. I shop a lot online, mainly because it is easier to get stuff that isn't available where I live that way (plus, I live in H&M-land - Sweden - so everyone dresses alike because of that, so shopping online makes it easier for me to dress in an original way - I still shop at H&M too though...)

    I haven't bought anything from Bluefly though, but I have had no trouble with returns when clothes haven't fit me etc. But it's probably a good idea to check what return policy the site that you want to use offers.

    Bluefly's policy seems good to me:

    Bluefly - Help - Returns

    Bluefly - Help - Returns

    But as I said, I haven't actually done it myself, through Bluefly.

    The return policy and the payment info is what you must always always check before ordering online.
  3. I rarely buy clothes online, but I think returns are aplicable on bluefly, so that should work out. Even check around eBay, you can find some cool finds on there, but just be sure to be careful and read the listings thoroughly before bidding. Designer Handbags, Clothes, Designer Shoes and Louis Vuitton at eLUXURY has a whole sale area for clothes, and I have always had good experiences with them. Good luck!
  4. Bluefly is the best. They have the greatest CS and fast shipping..
    You just have to return items that you don't like or don't fit quite well. This part can be a hassle but here a suggestion: become familiar with the styles of clothing you like and specific designers or retailers and stick to those when you order online. Stick with a couple of designers and learn their fit. This way when you order online you will always know that this item will likely fit you. It will be less likely that you will have to return it.

    I stick with a hand full of designers and also with a handful of retailers because I know their fit and have worn them for years. I rarely have to return anything when I shop online. It's actually my preferred way to shop!:yes:
  5. Yes, but only when I know exactly what it is. If I already have something in blue, if I see the exact same item, same brand, same size, in brown and beige, I will buy those.

    And I never buy anything that costs over $25.
  6. Never as I want to try it before I buy.
  7. I shop online, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and other sites all the time. I always check the return/exchange policy ahead of time to know what I'm getting into. With brands I know how they fit, online shopping is TDF and I've done it for over 10 years now.
  8. I used to but I have sworn off it after too many diasasters and money down the drain.

    I was mostly buying from eBay.
  9. I do a ton of shopping online, for clothes I buy a lot from Revolve clothing, their customer service is really good. For shoes it's usually net-a-porter.

    I even do my supermarket shopping online, I'm lazy!!
  10. Like you I have lost my motivation to go clothes shopping at a store. Mainly, due to lack of time and patience. Looking rack after rack, other people getting in your way, locked dressing room doors, etc. The list goes on and on. So I've become an online shopping junkie. The only problem is when it comes to clothes I have found that I return more than I keep. Which adds up to shipping costs. I've cut back more recently and have found my new obsession purses less risky.
  11. I feel like there is no greater natural high than leaving the mall with a really great purchase in your shopping bag. However, I hate dealing with crowds and having to pick through a bunch of things and deal with pushy salespeople. For these reasons, I often turn to online shopping. Just like leaving the mall with a shopping bag makes me smile, so does waiting by the door for a package to arrive for me! I'll take my adrenaline rushes anyway I can get 'em! :lol:
  12. Thanks for all your responses gals! I think I might give the mall one more go 'round. The shipping costs are what is scaring me off the online shopping. I might give it a try if I come up empty handed at the mall.

    I am looking for a dress for a christening, and I haven't bought a nice "churchy-dress" in about 10 yrs... so shop I must.

    Bluefly has some gorgeous stuff right now... We'll see how it goes.

    thanks again!
  13. On-line is practically the only way I shop for clothes. It is so much easier and less time consuming for me than going to the malls. I almost never have a problem with sizes (somehow I'm lucky this way). My favorite on-line stores are Neiman's, Saks, and Bergdorf's. I try to wait until they have free shipping promotions.
  14. I like to buy where I get free shipping. The Fashion Pulse and Active Endeavors always have free shipping so I like that.

    I'm not a fan of bluefly -- It usually takes two to three weeks to see a return on your credit card.

    I cannot buy winter clothes online because they generally need to be tailored better to your body than summer clothes. I don't mind buying things that have an easy fit, like Rachel Pally dresses or DVF wrap dresses. I would never dream of buying jeans or pants online!
  15. I buy clothes online. I'm too lazy to try most stuff on in the store anyway. I only try on jeans, therefore I don't purchase those online.