Do you buy any LVs that you really love, although you might not even use it much?

  1. If yes, what are those? :P Is it silly that you want some LVs so much that you are making up ways to use it, just to convince yourself that you actually NEED it and it's not totally useless? :shame: :lol: :P
  2. My white MC wapity! Still haven't used it yet, but I always touch and look at it! :P
  3. I bought the Manhattan GM and used it a lot at first and then it sat in my closet unused until I finally just gave it to my mom for her birthday!!

    I figured it was better that she get use out of it rather than have it sitting in my closet.
  4. I am guilty of buying stuff and never using it. I don't even make up excuses to buy them. I KNOW I won't use them but I buy them anyway.

    Things I have yet to use:

    Robert Wilson Reades (Both Orange and Pink)
    Charms Pochette
    MC Wapity
    MC Agenda
    MC Cles
    MC Address Book
    Vegas Bracelet
    Sweet Earrings
  5. That's why people are selling on ebay.:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. OMG...why did you stop using that bag.... it is gorgeous....was it too heavy?? What replaced it???
  7. Thank you for this thread...a gentle reminder to stay on track and not give in to LV urges which have a huge impact on my credit card...enjoy what you already have enough right now and enjoy it is my new mantra:flowers: .
  8. Usually, I buy all my LVs (and other bags) so I can use them. However, I have one LV bag that I bought and only used it ONCE since 2001 (graffiti alma MM) and I feel like it was a waste of money!!!:shame: I do LOVE the bag but it's not one of those bags that you can use often. I try and avoid those impulse buys.
  9. I love my cherry blossom and panda pochettes but have rarely ever used them.
  10. Almost... Graffiti Pochette and Graffiti long Alma. The Pochette is way too small for me, the long Alma seems to be a bit unpractical and probably too loud... too much LV :upsidedown:
    But I often buy clothes that I don't wear... they were so pretty in the store but just not made for me. :shame:
  11. I do it! I guess you could say I am a collector and a user!! but I will always buy LV so one day I will fine a use for my stuff!
  12. Wow, I wish I could be as cool about it as you... :shame: Well, I guess if money is not an obstacle, what's stopping you from buying, right? :P Ok, another reminder to motivate myself to earn more money. I must work harder, earn more money and just buy whatever I want..! ;)
  13. Oh, I don't want to buy something and then sell them on ebay... Just too much hassle for me... :sweatdrop: Also, if that's the mindset, there'll be even more impulsive purchases as ebay is the easy solution to get rid of them... :P
  14. I am very guilty of that. Astropills, wapitys, pochettes, Inclusion rings and keychains...too many to name off the top of my head. I am more of a collector, but I hope that one day each piece will have been used at least once!
  15. Hahaha. Well, it's partly because I am a collector and partly because these things are too darn cute NOT to have. :shame: