Do you buy a bag because you love it or do you think of functionality?

  1. I was wondering this because i get drawn to the damier speedy alot but i already have an mono speedy 25 and a don't have any black designer bags. What do you guys buy, do you make sure it's different than your other bags or do you buy the "WOW" bag?
  2. that's a great question...I have the mono speedy but really like the damier speedy , was just about to get it but decided not to get it now because it's the same design. Decided on the Manhattan PM because of it's different style (and it looks soooo good! lol)
  3. usually becuase i love it, but i have been lucky and the bags tured out to be functional lol, alot of accesories i wasnt as lucky i have wasted about 1K on stuff that was in the heat of the moment and i dotn hink i have learnt my lesson becasei can see myself doing it over and over lol
  4. I would buy a bag because I really love it and also gotta make sure that it is durable and will last me for very very long... :P As for speedy, I love it and won't mind getting another material/size even though it's the same design as different material/size really give a totally different character to the speedy and I can match it differently too.
  5. Usually, I do not love it until I see how practical/funtional the bag will be for me. Practical/functional comes first. I cannot imagine paying for bags and just letting them sit. Since I don't do ebay and etc., I have no way of selling them to recover any of my money.
  6. for me it must be funtional and also durable.....if i buy a bag that i love but not practikal then it will definity end up in the closet for good....
  7. i'll go for functionality. =)
    I have the Damier Speedy 25 and Monogram speedy 30. these are the only LV bags i have.
  8. Usually love.. :love::love:
  9. both...i won't buy an expensive bag just because i love it...i have to be able to use it a lot =)
  10. great question, i used to buy bags coz i loved them. Functionality never entered my mind. I have the monogram pouchette, monogram vernier red, denim pouchette, white multicolore clutch and the black multicolore theda..most of them i can barely fit in my essentials..but now i'm looking more at functionality.
  11. Combination of both! I have to both love it and be able to use it... that's one of the reasons I buy a lot of different styles!
  12. I have to like the bag first, then wonder how I will use it. As for having a mono speedy 25 then wanting a damier speedy :yes: just get a bigger size or go with the same. For me I like the mono speedy in a 30 but the damier looks too big and i'd get a 25. On another note i think its a different bag and could be used for different seasons so i'd buy it.

  13. I have to love the bag first, then consider the functional. If the bag is not practical, I won't buy it regardless how much I love it.
  14. Both for me!! It has to be functional but i have to love it as well, can be a hard combo to find but defininitely possible, e.g. my Damier Saleya MM!
  15. my initial reason would be that i love it, but eventually i get around to using it, like my Suhali L'Epanoui GM and Perle Bedford