Do you brush your teeth in a circular motion or up and down?

  1. Circles. Lots of little circles.
  2. Circles!
  3. In every direction...? Not really circles.
  4. More back & forth, than circular!
  5. I don't really have a set direction. I'm all over the place !
  6. Same here. :yes:
  7. Same here :nuts: Maybe it's the German water :p
  8. A dentist told me you are supposed to do up and down, not back and forth.
  9. ^^
    same as jellybebe. I used to do circles and the dentist said that wasn't good for my teeth/mouth health.

    He recommended starting at the gumline and then brushing up or down depending on whether you're doing your top teeth or bottom teeth... that was a huge surprise to me!
  10. me too!

  11. Me too..up down, left right, circular.
  12. I'm a Dental Hygienist and up and down motion (scrubbing) causes circular is better with half of the bristles on gums and half on teeth.....Never up and down scrubbing--Ok--now that I have given you guys the textbook version--LOL but its true!:balloon:
  13. Umm.. am I supposed to know this LOL?
  14. Me too!
  15. Circular...and I also have an electric spinning toothbrush too..helps alot!