Do you browse or buy at the boutique?

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  1. Happy friday all,
    When you go to the boutique, do you go with the intent to buy or do you go to just browse/try on things? I often go there to buy but I feel guilty when my SA shows me a bunch of items and I don't buy anything. :push: What about you?
    :heart: Mich
  2. I only go to buy. I too feel bad when a SA helps me and I don't get anything.
  3. Buy.
  4. I browse and buy.
  5. I have done both, preferably I like to look and then buy online - get my ****** discount!!! Oh yea, the word e b a t e s is like some bad word on this site now...anyway, I have also bought from the store too - what I like about that is you know exactly what you are purchasing, unlike online at exlux -you take what they send you.....but I have been very happy with my online purchases my BH and Keepall 55 - among others....that's all for now.
  6. Buy
  7. I go to the boutique sometimes to buy and sometimes just to browse. When I am going there just to browse, I'll try to let the SA know that I am just trying to view some bags or accessories to see if I like them, so that they aren't disappointed when I don't buy anything. Then I don't feel so guilty when I leave the store without something. Also, when I do purchase something, I try to purchase from an SA who was helpful when I was in the store just browsing, so they get some business from me after all.
  8. ugh i've been bad. the last 3 times i've been to the boutique was only to browse (and well once was to return). this last time though i told my SA right off the bat that i'm not purchasing today and she wasn't upset about it all :smile: the NEXT time however is a buy trip.
  9. i go to buy usually. but sometimes if i'm passing by, i may drop in to browse and then end up buying. :p but i've definitely just browsed a few times without buying a thing and i do feel a wee bit empty when i leave.
  10. thank you for your thoughtful feedback! :balloon:
  11. Buy! I actually rarely ever browse. I do most of my browsing here! LOL
  12. I go to boutiques knowing what I'm going to buy. I do all my research here so when I get to the boutiques all I really do is try it on.
  13. Buy. Of course I've only been in the boutique once - and I bought something!
  14. i don't get to go to the boutiques very often, thank God. but when i do i usually end up buying something :p. i feel bad for the SA who takes out a ton of things to show me and ends up having to put it all back in the drawers
  15. lol. that is what happens to me too. i mean, is it ok to just browse and leave? i feel bad! my sa's so friendly!