Do you bring a lunch or eat out?

  1. I bring a lunch to work every day to work which consists of a PB&J sandwich <- heh a Quaker strawberry cereal bar and some honey wheat thin crackers. Two bottles of water.

    I don't eat out mostly because I work in an area of town I've never been to before I began work...and I have no idea what is out here, or my way around (I can't walk to places) and also I have no one to eat with.

    So, what do you eat for lunch during the work week?
  2. I'm trying to be good and bring lunch, but I usually fail. That's because of poor planning.
  3. I always bring lunch to work. I love home cooked meals. There are some instances though that my mom don't cook any, so fast food for me.
  4. I'm a picky eater, so i always bring my lunch to work with me, Usually two bananas a gala apple and sometimes a home made chicken sandwich and a orange juice or cranberry juice. :yes:
  5. I always bring a lunch with me...but all too often I wander into the cafe at work and get sidetracked. But since my weight keeps going up I am cutting back on it and focusing on just sticking to my Special K w/fat free milk.
  6. In High School I always brought my lunch.

    When I went to UMBC and lived there, I had to eat there (in the dining hall) because they didn't allow us *not* to, even though there were kitchens on every floor or our dorms. When I moved back home, I had 5-meal plan, basically, I could eat once a day on campus...But I gained 35lbs...Their pizza and burgers were so damn good.

    When I start school again in October, I'm planning on bringing my own. Not only to save on calories, but to save on money :smile:
  7. If I have time, i bring home made food.....I'm a sucker for simple white rice, soy sauce, and some kind of left over meat!!! oooh and i looooove raw cucumbers...add some kimchee to that too! :biggrin:
  8. I eat out at school.
  9. I usually bring my own lunch. It's easier for me to control what I eat and I also know what's in the food.
  10. if i bring, i usually pack chef boyardee (spelling?), marie callendar's, or i'll make sandwiches.. if i buy, we have a cafeteria at work, a subway near by, or a thai restaurant right next door that we usually frequent.
  11. i always tell myself to plan for bringing my own lunch but always fail, so i end up eating out most of the time.. also there are quite a lot of eating out options near where i work
  12. If I'm at my office during lunch I sometimes just grab something from one of the campus cafes. But I try to be organized and remember to bring something -- especially if I have good leftovers. Sometimes I even just bring a microwave pizza or bananas and yogurt, or something else small.

    It's so much cheaper to pack a lunch, but we do have some healthy dining options around if I get lazy:smile: It's also fun to meet friends/colleagues and eat it varies.
  13. i always bring lunch coz i dont like to overeat if i eat out for lunch. restaurant portion is always too big for me. even lunch portion.
  14. I usually dont even have time to eat breakfast before heading out to my internship, nonetheless pack a lunch. I really should get organized enough to bring a lunch with me because it would be alot healthier. I still try to stay on the healthy side, I usually go to Corner Bakery and grab a salad or to Baja Fresh when I am reallyyy hungry.
  15. I often bring my lunch. I try to at least 4 days a week, just because it is so much cheaper! I usually leave a bag of baby carrots in the fridge and I bring fresh fruit with me... lunches may be a salad, or left overs, or a healthy choice soup cup or the organic amys brand burritos or something else from her line of stuff. Some of my choices are better than others, but it is always the cheapest option! Plus, I'm so tired of the restaurants near me... time to get a new job with new restaurants:P