Do you bill clients for your work?

  1. Do they ever think you need MUCH more time to do something than it actually takes you? Do you pad your time a little?

    Just curious about jobs where people bill for pay rather than having a set pay.

    No moral discussions, please. Just wanted get some insight into what the reality is like. :smile:
  2. Usually, it's the exact opposite..projects take long than customers think they should.
  3. I think this is really interesting. I interned at two big law firms and both billed by the hour, as is traditionally done... apparently, some attorneys are now charging flat rates that obviously will fluctuate slightly depending on unforeseen circumstances that might pop up in the duration of a case. Billing by the hour (especially when you're billing $400+ an hour) isn't always the most effective, or honest, way of valuing work. This is NOT a dig at any attorneys: 99% of the attorneys I know do not abuse the bill-by-the-hour system.