Do you bid last minute or right away?


Do you bid right away or last minute?

  1. I bid as soon as I know I want the item

  2. I bid in the last seconds of the auction

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  1. Just curious about when buyers like to bid - as soon as they see the auction and know they want the item, or last minute as the last seconds are ticking away?
  2. Last few seconds if I can with a high bid. I've only ever lost out once.
  3. I have do the bidding for me, 5 seconds before the auction ends. That way I don't have to worry about a slow computer connection!
  4. I bid last few seconds, Bidmate does this for me. If you bid before you are just pushing the price up
  5. Last minute. It's the best strategy.
  6. Definitely last few seconds, i mean aren't we on ebay to snap up deals. :P
  7. Has anyone ever had a sniper program not work???
  8. Last few seconds!
  9. I bid in the last few seconds, too.
  10. Does everyone bid in the last few seconds on their own or with the use of a sniper???
  11. I bid last few seconds too. Which makes me wonder, who are these people bidding early and jacking up prices?
  12. I bid on the last few seconds on my own...
    I prepare 2 or 3 windows ready to confirm at the last seconds.
    Just heard of the sniper or a program that will bid for you...hmmm
  13. :yes: yup! I hate it when some even try to out bid each other
    and its still days before the auction ends.:shrugs:
  14. The last few seconds for me. If i bid ahead of time (product with no bids), it seems as if someone always ups my bid by a-lot even before the auction ends. I try to "Buy it now" as much as possible so i am not dissapointed.
  15. i bid as close to the end of the auction as I can.