Do you believe UFO's or alien's exist?

  1. Ok I just got done reading the ghost stories thread. I love reading all your stories. It got me thinking about aliens and UFO's, do any of you believe that there is other life out there? Had any experiences?
  2. i think i do believe... it's such a big universe... and our galaxy is just one among many.
    we would be so selfish if thinking there might be only one of us here that live and breath.
  3. Yes, there's gotta be something else out there, it can't just be US. haha.
  4. I think that it is a definite possibility---
  5. I believe there are aliens out there. However, these lifeforms may be very different from us and/or what we consider lifeforms, kwim?
  6. I believe in God, and I believe HE is a God of creation. So, yes I do think their are other entities. Where or what exactly, I do not know. IMHO
  7. Nope...I don't. :smile: I figure if there were intelligent life out there anywhere they would've found us or we would've found them by now. I do think there is "life" out there...but not intelligent...just microbe life.

    Then again, the universe is beyond my simple mind to comprehend. :upsidedown:
  8. Can I get philosophical about Leibniz's infinite number of 'Possible Worlds' as ideas in the mind of God which is then used to (in)famously assert that our actually created world must be the best of all possible worlds? :upsidedown::lol:

    I believe that there are aliens but not the little grey men with eyes the size of an American football as popularised in the Roswell conspiracy theory.:p
  9. I believe there are other forms of life in the universe.

    But do I believe that little green men come to visit Earth on spaceships? No, not so much.
  10. No doubt there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. That we will ever find it in 1,000 lifetimes is unlikely. We simply have no way to get there, and probably never will, unless we solve the problems of gravity and the light-speed ceiling.
  11. I firmly believe that there are other life forms out there. There are so many other solar systems out there than just ours.
  12. I do believe I have actually seen not aliens but their ships....Now don't think I am crazy now but honestly when I was in high school I spent alot of late nites in back and front porches and on my roof on two occasions I saw something that I didn't know what it was. Let me describe it it was like the size of larger star I could not make out it's definite shape as it was dark. But it had several flashing lights and it flew from on end of the sky to the other from point A to point B in a straight line VERY VERY quickly. It did this for a few minutes. Then toward the end it started doing the point A point B thing but in a more circular motion SUPER quick the next thing it shot straight up into space and it was gone in a blink of an eye. So yeah that's my story I THINK it was an alien ship but I really don't know for sure cause they didn't come down and tell me heywe're aliens so yeah!
  13. I think there very well could be. Our universe is so large, it would make sense that we weren't the only planet with intelligent life. I love watching the shows on the Discovery/History channel about this and crop circles!
  14. naw.
    sure, there are other galaxies, but think about it scientifically..(although im religious...)
    the earth is just the PERFECT distance from the sun for life to be sustained
    not many planets are the earths distance, and of those that ARE at the right spot, they probably dont have and enclosed atmosphere with the right compounds, and if they DID have all that, they would need the elements of life in one certain spot at one time, and lightning would have to hit it perfectly.
    for those that are religious, i think we are the only earth...
  15. even worse... what if there WAS Intelligent life, and natural selection made humans just like that, and everyone had their own COUNTERPART!