Do you believe SA's when they quote availability.....

  1. I was in BV Bond Street today so that I could check out the new fall colours IRL. I asked the SA to show me something in Ferro (Iron) and he told me that they were all sold out of this colour and only had a small lizard clutch which he showed me from their display case. I then tried on the Carmino med Veneta and mentioned that I may get this bag in a months time as I just purchased my Large black campana and he told me that he had only 3 Pieces left so I had better hurry.

    My question is if BV or other brands for that matter sell out of their seasonal bags at the beginning (come on it is only August) what do they do for the rest of the season???

    Do you believe SA's when they say that they will not receive more seasonal stock? :confused1:
  2. I only "half" listen when they say that certain items are selling quickly because they may be selling quickly in their store, but not in other stores. I usually think that they just want to make a sale. I once wanted a gucci bullet bag. The SA told me they never go on sale and they sell out quickly at full price (I didn't buy one). About six months later, I walked into the gucci store and there was one sitting there and it was on sale (waiting for me)!
  3. I'm glad you said that because I have heard this line many times especially in Chanel.
  4. Also, I believe that BV will bring their colors back again. I have a red bag that I bought last summer on sale (I'm not sure what year it's from - 2005 or 2006). It looks like the same red as the carmino. And a co-worker bought a large camel veneta a few years ago (2004, I think).
  5. i dont think you should worry too much about the availability. The nice SAs usually try their best to locate one for you if there isn't one in the store. And you can always call the online personal shopper to locate one too. You shouldn't worry =) and yes I do have the red veneta from many seasons ago too like miss_p is talking about and it looks SO close to the Carmino.
  6. Depending on the item. Some items are very limited. I got to see BV's pre-season catalog (for store use) and it listed how many of an item each store was receiving. Most of them were 1 or 2, some stores didn't even get one. But for classic styles and colors, I would think they'll receive more than 1 or 2 or get replenished.
  7. Saks bought 34 of them, if there is a way you can get one from them.
    I hope that there is enough skin left - they may not have enough to make my large veneta!!
  8. Thanks guys, I was just getting sick of hearing the same line over and over again. I asked the SA in the Sloane Street boutique on future availability and she said that they do take the customers names and call them if one comes in if seasonal stock is not available as they do have deliveries every week. I just don't feel up to buying a new BV just yet.
  9. Don't feel pressured to buy until you're ready. I'm sure one will be waiting for you! I tend not to pay attention to SAs when they mention low stock on bags, unless it's something that's limited quantity/wait list items like the beautiful red Chanel flap in your avator. Also, I think the red veneta may go on sale in the winter since it's a seasonal color.
  10. Syma,

    It is true. We do sell out of our seasonal colors quickly. There is a limited quantity purchased per season. And as they are hand crafted reordering cantake some time. Yes, I feel more should be purchased per season but, It is a crap shoot. I manage the SF boutique so I am speaking of my experience. Please believe that we would do our best to locate your selection for you. But, sometimes it is impossible.

    You can always special order the perfect bag. It may take some time but, well worth the wait.


    BV SF
  11. I think that both sides have merit. I do think because they are hand made there is a limited amount. However, that said, sometimes sales people have a vested interest in telling you how much is left. But, I'd rather be told something is short in supply. (That is IF I trust the SA) If it is something that I may not be able to purchase later, I can make an informed decision. After this thought is to find a SA that you like, and feel is honest.
  12. I couldn't take the risk of waiting around, I'm soooo in love with this Carmino colour and just managed to snag the last large veneta. Can't wait for it to arrive. BTW Samuel, does special ordering a veneta cost extra???
  13. ^^ 30% mark up.
  14. please forgive me if this question should go in another thread. does anyone know if once a seasonal color is sold out, it is done for good that season? some earlier replies seem to say that they can be re-ordered, it will just take some time.

    i ask (and am posting in this thread) because an SA i talked to today said that there are limited quantities made to keep up the exclusivity of the brand, which completely makes sense. however, as i thought about this, wouldn't it be in the brand's best interest to make more if a color/style is selling very well?

    just for reference, the bag that triggered this whole thing is the medium veneta in ink. the SA told me there are only 2 left in the whole company and would definitely not be available during sale time.
  15. Seasonal colors are gone once they sell out. Classic colors are produced year round.

    Sometimes a seasonal color comes out that is very similar to one that was out several seasons prior. The last dark blue that was out was Midnight in 2008 and it was closer to black, as opposed to the blue/purple of Ink.

    So if you want an Ink Veneta, then I would go for it, or look to the wholesale market like Neimans, Saks, Barneys, Bergdorf, Nordstrom, Shirise, etc.