Do You Believe In the "Evil EYE"

  1. im from bahrain faa i strongly belive in it
  2. My superstitious Italian relatives never impressed me with their ideas, so nope!

    I have a small nazar pendant that was a gift from a Palestinian childhood friend which I've kept as a memento, not a talisman. :p
  3. sorry but no....
  4. I don't believe in the evil eye but I do believe that there are people who can "see" if someone close to them is in danger; it happened to me once; I "knew" that my father was in danger but as I am not the religious type I did not pray for him but just thought that it would be a good idea if all available guardian angels would stay close to him that day... in the evening when he came home he told us that when he was driving he twice (!) encountered a driver coming at him in his lane on the wrong side of the road; but nothing happened to him, he was able to avoid a carsh with the other cars.
  5. No, but I do believe in the Tooth Fairy. She's lurking out there...waiting to take your teeth whether they've fallen out or not!!
  6. No.
  7. YES
    and my whole family is being watched by EVIL EYES .. We're just normal ppl but to others we're different then we get evil eyed and everything goes wrong for one of my parents or siblings...
  8. I believe in people's negative energy affecting a person, but not in a mythical eye that can cast a spell. Envy, hate, etc is transmitted through body energy (I guess), not the eye anyway.
  9. Lmao charles! :roflmfao:

    Personally, no. I don't tend to believe in anything like that. Its just nonsense that somebody madeup because they were bored, imo. :shrugs:
  10. As far as my knowledge in the Evil Eye goes, I believe that Frodo already destroyed it when he threw the Ring in the lava.
  11. Omg, Charles :roflmfao:

    Hmm, so, this is like a curse or something? Nah, don't believe in it.
  12. Yes I do and have seen it happen to people... but I dont worry about it to much.
  13. I'm a bit first when i started reading the def. i thought it meant that people who are envious of you could actually cause you harm...meaning that when you have good luck and fortune people around you could cause bad things to happen to you because they're jealous of you. But actual evil eye? Yea i dunno about that ... but (knock on wood) i hope it's not true.
  14. I think it can affect you if you believe in it, you get unstable and things go wrong.. I do believe in karma though.
    But things tend to come to an end, sometimes the good luck, sometimes the bad luck, people tend to give a 'special' meaning to it giving it names as the evil eye...