Do you believe in miracles...

  1. So after my comedy of errors, like getting a bag that was totally damaged, (another thread) and then not receiving it for two weeks (delivered to wrong address), look what I finally got....My SA worked wonders for me to get this bag-it seemed easier giving birth four times...I am SO excited!!
  2. oh my!!! that bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

    congrats!!!! and yes, miracles do happen all thanks to wonderful SAs!
  4. So beautiful!!!! :heart:
  5. congrats on finally getting your dream bag, yes it took some time but it worked out for the best.
  6. I actually just gasped and DH asked "what are you looking at"? Great it!
  7. omg that's a beautiful bag!!!!! congrats!!
  8. congrats on your new chanel handbag.. it is very very gorgeous!
  9. wow im speechless it gorgeous :smile: may i know how much that reissue is if you dont mind and what size tia! im inlove with you bag
  10. congrats! that's a lovely bag.
  11. WOW..I think Id give birth 4 times in a row for THAT bag!!LMAO!!!!!!!

    WOWZA!!!!!!Im so drooling!!CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. NICE!!! Congratulations. I'm so surprised there are any of these bags still floating around. Good for you!
  13. oh wow! congrats! All trouble worked out in the end!
  14. Congrats!

    Makes me long for my's still not here yet! Hopefully I wont have as many dramas in getting it!
  15. Gorgeous!! Congrats!! The color is so beautiful.