do you believe in mercury retrograde?

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  1. it started last january 11 and will end in feb.1. do you ever believe in this?
  2. ive never heard of it?
  3. What is it?

    I've never heard of it either
  4. if its the time when everyone around me goes bat nuts crazy, then yes, I believe...
  5. I've never heard of it either?
  6. glad to know im not the only one!

    i would google it but im too lazy lol.
  7. Yes.

    For the uninitiated, it's basically an astrological period that makes everything, particularly interpersonal communications, go haywire.

    I got in a huge fight with my best friend yesterday over something I said to a friend of hers the day before, and it's still not resolved, and there's no end in sight. This is a girl I never fight with, and what I said is something I normally would not say. And it seems like lately, everything from my internet connection to my Blackberry to my iChat is buggy and in need of constant tweaking.

    I cannot wait for this crap to be over.
  8. I "believe" (accept based on evidence) in the astronomical phenomenon but I don't know about the astrological stuff...
  9. yes and I always have. Every time it comes around **** starts breaking, communication breaks down and I see at least 5 people I haven't seen in years or people from my past and old events get brought up.
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    Wow..never heard of this...that explains a few things maybe. Interesting topic.

    ETA: I just googled it and it says it happens 3-4 times a year with dates for this year being:
    January 11-31;
    May 6th to 30th;
    September 6th to 29th;
    December 26th to January 15th, 2010

    So I guess each quarter everything gets fouled up and needs some fixing.
  11. ^ How interesting! I've never heard of this. I'll be sure to pen down the dates and be more aware of what I say/ act around people I love, so things don't get too bad!
  12. Its a weird time in be more specific however it depends on what planets affect one personally in your own chart.

    is a GREAT link to have your free Natal Chart done. You send in the query and they send you your chart for free after about 7 days. They dont sell your email either..
    I recieved a basic chart and interpretation as well as an extended forecast and an occupation chart. its really one of the best offers Ive ever come across and its totally free--you just have to wait a week for the results..
  13. Yes, I do. Definitely happening on tPF as well, can't wait till it's February 1.
  14. I was born during mercury retrograde so for me it's the time when things go best!:tup: the flip side of course being that the rest of the time my life is a bit harder than everyone elses...:s
  15. i've never heard of this either... very interesting! awww man, this year its during my anniversary =(