Do you believe in Mediums/Psychics...

  1. Ever been to one?
  2. Yeah I've gone to two good ones and they've been right on the money.

    One told me my grandfather (deceased) said "to stop throwing money out the window!" lol!
  3. I believe in these, but in my catholic up bringing we are advised against this. Some friends went to a gypsy lady who gave them very accurate stories of their pasts and predicciones of the future which yielded true. Some people are just more in touch with senses that most of us never develop and I believe this is a gift.
  4. Only Sylvia Brown. Shes AWSOME!
  5. I have been to a psychic and I had my coversatio taped. I have only been to her once, but keep thinking about going back! A friend of mine sees her at least 2-3 x's a year. As far as what she said - I would say some of what she said was true, but others - way off! Then again they say the only things definite in life are life and death -something like that? They are fun, it's interesting to see how they work - not every pshyic is like Whoppie in Ghost!
  6. Back in the summer of 2000, I went on a trip to Taiwan and while I was there I visited the Snake Alley (this place where they sell snake meat and other food made of snakes - I went with friends because we were curious). Along the way there were small booths set up by fortune tellers. They told the fortune choosing these Chinese chips. Since I have never done that before, I got curious and decided to give it a try.

    At the time, I had a major crush on someone. However, I didn't think there was any chance in anything happening but I was hoping that I would hear otherwise. The guy did his thing and then told me that I would be involved in a long-distance relationship in the future with someone I loved. He said that it would be very difficult due to the distance and parental factors but as long as we both try, it can work out ... Of course, I didn't believe him so I decided to test the waters by asking him to give me specifics on what this person looked like.

    He gave me a bunch of specifics and NONE of them were right about the person I had a crush on. So, I figured I have just wasted my money on a tourist trap (I was expecting it though). 3 years later, I met my current SO and we started going out. 1 year after we went out, he went to Singapore while I stayed in the U.S.. Now that I thought back on it, the guy was dead on on the description of my SO. I guess at the time he was talking about my SO as opposed to my crush.
  7. Does this psychic you talk to happen to live in California and New York? If so, I think I know who she is.
  8. I also had mine taped. I've been to her twice. Shes awesome. I like Sylvia Browne too.
  9. I believe them to be liars. I really don't think those, the few who actually do, have certain insights and "powers" about time and fate would just go around telling people such petty things as soon you'll (insert random thing here). I think if someone were to have psychic abilities, they'd use them for more important things.
  10. What I was told is that while psychics can supposedly see into others' past and futures, they cannot see into their own or those who are close to them. It's a trade-off of some sort. Someone I know who is a psychic said that while he can be dead on when doing tarot reading for ppl he doesn't know, he can never figure out what's going to happen in his life or his families' lives as everytime he does tarot readings for himself or his family, the results are always either his worst fears or his wishes - never accurate.
  11. I don't mean, they'd use the powers for themselves, but if say I were pyschic I'd use it to find messing people or tell of would be attacks on promient places/people. I just find it strange everyone now a days is a pyschic but no one predicted 9/11 or the England train bombings.
  12. I'm not a psychic (although I would love to have the ability of telekenesis) but I'm guessing it really depends on the "channel" or whatever information that their spirits guide choose to give them. eh, I really have no idea how this work ...:shrugs:

    Do we have a psychic on this forum?
  13. No as far as I know she is only in Michigan, this was awhile ago. But I see from other posts that other psychics do tape sessions as well.

    Now I was to go see the psychic lady again but I am chicken!
  14. I believe in them but have never been to one - unless having your palms read counts. I've done that a couple times and the lady was about 80% accurate in what she told me.
  15. I went to one once with a few of my gf's/classmates, it was an interesting experience but not one I am likely to repeat. At the time she seemed like she new things about me (for instance she new I was in a long distance relationship.. how'd she know that? She also new for instance that my father traveled for his work and she told me some other things that kind of cheked out also). But there are also things that she said that didn't happen, she had said to all of us girls that we were going to get married by the year 2005 (we figured that she tells everyone the same thing regarding that). :lol: She didn't give us any bad news but my friend told me that she wouldn't because she doesn't like to do that. Anyway, I am still skeptical about it all and I haven't been to one since!

    The thing that gets me is if you really are psychic why would you try to take advantage of other people's curiostiy or their desperation or their grief for example! I'm not saying that all psychics are lying cheats but you have to wonder...