Do you believe in ghosts?

  1. Another thread made me curious....

    It's that time of year that we all like a little "scary" story...

    Anyone want to share?

    Do you believe in ghosts? Haunted Houses?
  2. I believe in those thing, but just because someone says they've seen a ghost or their home or somewhere they've been is haunted doesn't make it true. Our mind and eyes can play tricks on us. Also, some people imo seem to try to make a buck off of saying I can see ghosts or my place is haunted. I don't have anything to share.
  3. I don't believe in the spooky, scary type "ghosts" from horror films, but I definitely believe there are "spirits" to be found pretty much everywhere. The house we live in now is pretty lively, actually. I usually just tell them to buzz off when they start annoying me! :cutesy:
  4. In my opinion Ghosts=Satan. Plain and simple. Sounds corny and maybe kooky, but I've witnessed, experienced, and heard some gnarly "spooky" stuff in my lifetime and I've become familiar with the true source. Father of lies, Beelzebul, Lucifer, Prince of Darkeness.... yeah.
    I'm done preaching;)
  5. That's funny, because I don't believe in Satan, per se. There's enough real evil on our planet without worrying about the obscure variety. :devil:
  6. To each his own.:angel:
  7. Me too!

    Me too!

    The house I grew up in, def. had a spirt, mischievous fellow (just knew he was male). Would turn lights on and off, change tv chanels (old rotary one...weird to see that dial move), move stuff around. We called him George...we would just say..."George, knock it off" and he usually would.
  8. I believe in ghost aka spirits. No personal experience, but heard experiences from people whom I'm closed to.
  9. Yes, I believe in ghosts! Also, no story to share, but I do believe.
  10. YES YeS YES
  11. Whenever I visit Thailand, I get uneasy 'cause sometimes I feel "some presence".

    No stories to share either they creep me out :sad:
  12. I believe and I don't :/ I guess a part of me believes :s
  13. I visited the "Most Haunted House in Britain" this year and it was amazing, sooo creepy! It's featured on the program "Most Haunted" a lot too. It was called 'Chillingham Castle' how appropriate? They had a real skeleton in the dungeon! It wasn't too spooky though, although I did go in the middle of a thunderstorm haha.

    I've never believed in ghosts and I still don't. This past month or so though I've been seeing things out of the corner of my eye. It's only happened a couple of times, and I bet it's just my bad eyesight playing tricks on me, but it makes you question whether or not the exist.
  14. I want to believe, but I'm scared if I start to believe then I will start to see and experience things, ya know like "open a door that wasn't opened before".
    And I think I will be so freaked out and scared. I'm also such a horror movie buff. I even watch the old corny movies.
    Then again the scientific side of me says it's not possible:shrugs:
  15. For sure, I think there is a "Kindred Spirit" out there...
    Taken in 2005- Prince Edward Island-amamxr