Do you believe in ghosts?

  1. Since its Halloween, in my city, they have been talking a lot on the radio about ghosts and actually went on a ghost siting last night, and have recorded what sounds like ghosts. . . so I'm just wondering, have you ever had a ghost experience, or believe that there are ghosts?

    my man however..has had MANY experiences...i'll share later. im at work! lol
  3. I do not believe in ghosts.... :shrugs:
  4. No, I don't believe in ghosts
  5. i do i do, maybe its all the scary movies and TV shows i used to watch when i was little. but i do believe in them!
  6. I do, but I hope I never ever see one!
  7. I totally believe in spirits and the supernatural! When my Grandfather was on life support for over a month (don't even get me started on that) I swear he came to me in a dream the night prior to my father "pulling his plug". It was really chilling because he was in at Auschvitz and in the dream he was asking me to help him get ready. I gave him a bath, and his "ID tattoo" was no longer there...... It was so real. My father randomly decided to end his life the next day after selfishly keeping him alive for such a long time. It was too coinciental......
  8. I'm a sceptic person. I don't believe in ghosts, I don't believe in UFO, etc!
  9. I wish I didn't, but I do. But have no experiences yet and I hope it stays that way.
  10. I don't believe in ghosts (or at least I like to convince myself of that!)
  11. Yes I do! I've had experiences.

    One of them: When I was a younger girl, I used to sometimes see this one-armed man in my grandmother's yard or on the second floor of her house; he was usually in one of two or three spots. He was very nice and very quiet and never said anything to speak of, he would just watch me, as though he was watching over me or something. One time I asked my grandma who he was, I said, "who is that man upstairs?" or something, I don't remember. But she said "what are you talking about? what man?" and I told her, the man with one arm. And she turned just snow white and clapped her hand over her mouth and started freaking out, then my uncle came in, and she relayed what I'd said to him, and I found out then that my Great-Grandfather Hugh had lost one of his arms from above the elbow down, in a logging accident. It was him.

    That's not the only experience, but it's the most personal one I think.
  12. ^^I might add that Great-Grandfather Hugh died before I was born; I never met him. My grandma showed me a picture that day, and it was him. I'm still not sure if she ever believed me though. Nobody else did.

    I only saw him one more time after that, and it was right before my cousin fell off a swingset and broke his arm. It was a little disturbing.
  13. I don't know really I have never seen anything but have heard a lot of stories. I have had a few weird dreams like I was in my great aunts house calling her name & she wasn't there. her house was all cobwebs & as if noone had lived there in a long time. I was frantic looking for her then my mum woke me up to tell me she had died that night.
  14. I've had experiences too. I was soooo scared. Does anyone has ever heard of "la llorona"? I used to hear this leyend sooo many times when I was a kid. If not, this is from wikipedia.

    In southern Mexico specifically the state of Guerrero, La Llorona was a prostitute. After having sex with the men, she would abort the children and throw them in the nearby river of Tecpan. After having done this for many years, she died and legend has it that God told her she would never enter Heaven until she brought him all the children she had killed. So God ordered his angels to dress her in a white dress and send her to find her children. So she wanders the rivers of the Earth looking for her drowned children.
    Generally, La Llorona becomes a sort of banshee. Her restless spirit walks abroad at night, crying "¡O hijos mios!" or "¡Ay mis hijos!" (O my children!) if not "¿donde estan mis hijos?" (where are my children?) or "has visto a mis hijos?" (have you seen my children?), the later options and variants being used before it reveals its ghostly nature to the victim leading to the victims death. Those unlucky enough to see or hear her are marked for death themselves. Sometimes she is dressed all in white; other times, in black. She is weeping, and in some tellings her eyes are empty sockets or in death she has been reduced to only a skeleton. Accounts of sightings in Texas tell of an eerie figure with a woman's body but the head of a horse. The New Mexican La Llorona hunts after children; some say that she drowns them in the river.

    Now to my history. I was in college and my daughter was about 6 months old. I lived with my mother and brother. My mom's house its really big and the yard its even bigger, the house it is the middle and its sorrounded with this big brick wall (like the China Wall) and there is an electric gate that you need to open to get in the house. One day I was in my room doing some school homework, it was about 9 oclock and I was sitting in my desk and my baby sleeping in her crib. Out of nowhere I heard some woman crying and whipping "Ay mis hijos" (oh, my children!!), I tought it was nothing :shrugs:and then I heard it again, this time very close to my big a** window, so I took my baby, lol and ran to the living room where mom was watching her novela, and I heard that one more time and I said, mom did you heard that???? and she said YES!!! :wtf:WTF... ay Dios mio!! Then my mom looked through the window and so nothing, there was no one there. I was soooo scared, I cant even tell you, I never believed in anything like that, I was soo scared "la llorona' was gonna take my baby. :crybaby: