Do You Believe in Ghosts or Hauntings?

  1. I know this is a wierd question. We just returned from Cape May, NJ which is a Victorian town with lots of history. There were many tales of ghosts in the old houses, a lot of which are now Bed and Breakfast places or businesses.
    I couldn't help but thinking this might be a load of :censor: to mainly help sell tickets and attract tourists. Books have been written on it.
    Also, there are tales of Gettysburg being a haunted place in PA due to the bloody civil war battle.
    So I am just curious what you guys think. (I know some of you from Europe and other parts of the world have buildings much older than the 1700's)
  2. It's funny, just had this conversation with my BF about this.

    When I was little "I could see dead people". I have had many problems with this because I thought nobody would understand me. When I grew older I told my parents and my father told me this runs in the family. He also gave me advice how to deal with it.

    I had a very bad experience and I have decided to completely shut myself off to seeing entities as I call them. I still feel energies when I'm in a older house, or sometimes I even have the urge to cry when I enter a room. But I'm very thankful I don't "see" anymore.
  3. Very intersting. Sora, I would like to know more about your metaphysical aptitude, if you feel comfortable sharing your experiences.

    I do think ghosts exist in one form or another. I just hope I never tick one off. There are many things that science cannot explain, and are too eerie to make sense. We have powers within our selves that we never learn to use. Such as a sixth sense, intuition, and psychic stuff. I heard that humans only use like 10-15% of our total mind power. If we used our total brain power, we could possibly recognize or at least communicate with beings on another plane of existance?
  4. Lachochasucia, I lived in El Paso for 10 years, I spent many times in my younger days in Juarez dancing at Vertigos and ElectriQ when they were still nice and open. Just couldn't help mentioning that, it is a small world.
    My husband says the same thing that humans only use 10-15% of their brain power, except perhaps Einstein was different.
  5. I'm generally a skeptic however I do believe there are spirits out there.

    The house my mom bought in her hometown is absolutely CREEPY to me. As a kid I hated going there for vacations.. and would insist on staying with my cousins. The house still gives me the creep. The door to the room my grandparents used to stay in is always shut and even now I get this funny feeling if I open the door I'll see my grandfather in there... !
  6. Yes, there is a place in Philadelphia that gives me that feeling. Apparently years ago there was a soldier killed there and then again in the late 1990's the building became a restaurant, but one of the restaurant owners was killed by the other for insurance money. It is very near my cousin's house in Narberth, PA. She says it has changed owners several times and the businesses never seem to last.
    Whenever, I pass by that place I get a creepy feeling.
  7. I believe in spirits/ghosts, I don't think they can actually harm you maybe scary you. When I was younger about 14 years ago..I swore I seen an old couple in my door way in my room my brother even saw it. Of course my parents never believed us, but I do believe.
  8. sora, i believe this. my sister-in-law has a friend that apparently can also "see dead people." in a neighborhood near my house, there was a murder-suicide that occured. my sister-in-law's older sister and fiancee lived also across the street, and a few houses down from where this happened. one time, this friend was over and she was basically telling them about these people and other information that she never could've known. it wasn't on the news, and the names of the victims were not disclosed.

    she has also described her experiences from other places as well. she's not afraid of these "ghosts" or "spirits", but i guess she is used to seeing dead people walking around or something. it's eerie when i hear these stories, but i do believe there are spirits that exist.
  9. i do believe there are spirits around, as I have seen 1 when I was little. It was about 6 pm at night, I saw a lady transparant sitting against my bedroom wall, as i was walking pass, she was just looking down, sitting hugging her knees. i even turned around twice, the third time, she was gone. At other times, I have experienced some wierd uncomfortable feelings.

    on another occasion, I went back to this house & it has been empty for years, and I have heard stories that its haunted. I have trouble sleeping, and one night i woke up on my tummy, i felt someone hugged me really tightly and i couldnt move. It was a very scary experience! the next day, i rearranged the bedroom and has slept well since. I have an auntie who could see dead people too. I cant, but i have had these experiences.
  10. I do believe in ghosts and spirits. Sometimes I feel like something/one is watching me and there have been things that have happened that can't be explained by "rational" thought.
  11. I'm a believer! I can't see them, per se, but I can certainly feel their presence at times. My little cousin can see them though, which creeps me a bit. She was having a conversation with someone in the corner of my aunt's house last Christmas, and when my husband and I asked her what she was doing, she explained that it was "Grandpa" and then started telling us things he said that she wouldn't have known (old family stories about each of us as kids that we know she never heard). So now I wonder if most kids can see spirits at a young age, but just don't mention it!!!
  12. just thought i'd mention that according to the lunar calender it's now the 7 month of the year. Chinese people believe that on the 14th day of the 7th month the doors to hell are opened and all the spirits that are confined there are free to roam the earth for a month.

    more 'sightings' and freak accidents tend to happen during this month in particular too.
  13. I somewhat believe in ghosts. If there is some noise in the house that I just can't explain, then the first thing that comes to my mind is a ghost, despite the house being built less than 10 years ago. So pretty much if it's unexplainable, I think it's a ghost.
  14. yeah, i do believe in spirits... i'm asian, we're more superstitious than westerner :P
  15. I had this similar experience when I was 18 years old, except I was lying on my back and I could see the whoever it was that was hugging me. It was 7 in the morning and my sister was walking into my room to boorrow clothes from me, I could see that but couldn't wake up. I was having an out of body experience I think because I was floating a few inches above my own body and this "ghost" was holding me and telling me to go with him. This was by far the most scary thing that ever happened to me. I started praying and fighting and yelling (in my head I think) that I didn't want to go. Then I had like a falling sensation and it felt lake ages before I could acually woke up.

    Of course my sister never noticed any of this, I immediatly told her what happened she said I was lying still which she found strange because I usually woke up immediatly when she entered the room (this was an everyday routine)

    I have also seen a woman in my room singing a tune and talking to me about my bf coming to my house in the middle of the night when he wasn't supposed to. After 10 minutes, there he was..

    And when I was little there was an old man (with a dog) in the hallway right in front of my room. I always slept with the door open. This man was like watching over me every night for 9 years.

    I've told some people, some believe me some don't, but I don't care. This all occured from my 3th year till my 18th after moving to the Netherlands I never saw things but I still can feel it around me, or hear it sometimes.

    I'm not afraid anymore though, I also know I have someone who is watching over me.