Do you bark at your dog?

  1. I bark at her, but its more fun to meow, because then she goes crazy looking for a cat.
  2. I howl at them and they answer back :p One is part Jindo, so she has this woo-woo bark that we imitate, and the other dog tries to do it too!
  3. I howl with one of my beagles. She gets all into it.

    Sometimes I growl at the other one, and she gets all playful when I do.
  4. nope, I don't have one, but I meow or hiss at my cats :p
  5. Sometimes I drives my dogs crazy!! They go nuts! LOL
  6. Too funny!;)Never thought to do that!
  7. I do! my dogs love it. they start running all around the house like they are looking for the dog. I guess they don't get it that its me making the noise.
  8. When my dogs start barking, like at the UPS guy or something I will bark too, and they immediatly stop and look at me like I have taken leave of my senses.
  9. LOL I tried it a few time and he just looks at me like I am crazy.
  10. My dad used to do this- our dog used to bark a couple of times at delivery men and joggers- she would never move, and just sort of barked once or twice at them haha. Sadly, she died recently, and my mom cried the first time the delivery man got to the door without hearing the bark. So next time my dad saw a jogger, he ran out the front door barking. Poor guy almost had a heart attack, and we died laughing :smile: