Do you backup your file and run anti virus? what software are you using?>

  1. Recently, I had a very serious computer problem which I ended up losing all my important photo/ files and documents.

    With the new computer, I am considering to purchase a good anti virus and backup software to protect my data.

    May I know which software you girls using at the moment? and are they easy to operate?
  2. I had a virus in my laptop too. Luckily my FIL is a genius when it comes to comps and was able to take out each pic and music piece by piece, and save it to a desk. But he immediately installed mcafee into my comp after repairing it. It's cool because it tells you if a website is okay to go into or not.
  3. AOL has a free security and anti virus service. check it out here. i like it cos it updates your software automatically =)

    i'm very bad at backing up... despite a recent crash of my laptop. URGH i need to start doing it!! thanks for reminding me
  4. I was using AVG free for my pervious computer and no backup at all. I ended up losing all my files!!

    At the moment I am burning DVD for backup but overtime, I will be ending up with lots of DVD copy.. I am considering some software to manage the backup.

    I've been shopping around and I am deciding betwen Norton 360degree ( which has anti virus and backup function) or Mcafee internet security. Both are very similar...
  5. hey chloe, you can manually backup. from the programs menu... i don't know if you can program it which may be what you're looking to do.
  6. When I was in college, I had a virus that would restart my computer whenever I connected to the internet. This happened on my desktop, and luckily not on my laptop. On both computers I had Norton Anti-Virus and the definitions were all updated, but this virus spread like wildfire!

    I asked my boyfriend at the time to help me (he did computer stuff) and he said I must have just screwed up my computer. Well, I found the answer by myself on a forum I used to belong to and fixed it myself also. ...and the next day all of the computers in the Univ. Library (where he worked) had the virus and nobody could use the computers! lol, he actually had to come to me and ask how to fix it and admit that I did not screw up my computer :biggrin: hehe, made me feel good!

    Either way, I have Norton Anti-Virus on my laptop...But don't really ever backup my files. There's nothing really important on here, and all of the important pictures are posted in photoalbums on the internet just in case I need access to htem when I'm not with my laptop :smile: