Do you baby your BV?

  1. And if so, how? Well, I got my Roma back and the repair is unnoticeable - thankfully. But it's made me wonder how delicate the woven pieces are and if they should be reserved for special use only? I did buy the Roma as a daily bag .... but I don't own a car and take either public transit or cabs. Of course, I want the bag to last - but I also want to be able to use it. I live in Toronto, so as we're heading into winter I also wonder how well these bags do if they get a little snow or rain on them? So now that the bag's back .... wondering when it's most appropriate to carry it.

    Opinions and advice welcome!
  2. i dont particularly baby any of my bags. with that said, it is no difference when it comes to designers like BV. i usually just put them back to their dustbags after I use them; however, I dont stuff them up to hold its shape. i never put my bags on the floor, or at least i try my very best not to do so.
  3. Is there a feeling that the woven pieces are delicate, do you think?
  4. hi mistikat, i use my veneta on a daily basis and have to squeeze in rush hour public transport (both buses and the metro) and so far it's held up very well despite numberous people brushing past me. i don't treat the leather with anything but i do make it a point to stuff with acid free paper and store in the original dustbag if it's not in use.

    i live in singapore and it rains nearly every day so i try not to take it out on days with a heavy downpour. however i have gotten it a little wet and after wiping dry with tissue it was none the worse for wear (although i have to state, my bag is an ebano so it's proabably a more resistant colour than say, bianca or blonde).

    i have asked my sa about maintenance - and she has told me not to worry. as long as i quickly dry with tissue and air dry thoroughly after the leather gets wet from water it should be safe. however, to keep it in good condition in the long term she recommends to bring it back to bv every 6 months for "conditioning".
  5. mistikat, you would think the woven leather is more delicate, but I wear my woven campana everyday in any weather, and so far it has held up well (my biggest scare was when my 70lb dog jumped up and raked her toenails across my bag--no damage whatsoever!). I don't baby my bags excessively, but I do take care to avoid brushing against concrete walls, metal gates and doors, dogs, etc., because I know this bag isn't indestructable. I hope what happened to your roma was a fluke and that you can enjoy your bag more often. Of course, now that you have your gorgeous studded veneta you have more options!
  6. I usually put my BV back into the dust bag and kept it in a box in the closet.
  7. I don`t particularly baby my tote which I also use on a daily base, sometimes even with my 15" laptop in it, and it has held up fantastically well up till now. I got caught in a downpour a couple of times, but so far there haven`t been any water marks, only a subtle spot on the non-braided handles.

    I have sprayed it with Bally protecting spray once though.
  8. Thanks for all the advice. I'm loving the studded maxi Veneta for now, but I will definitely be putting the Roma back into circulation! There is no BV store near here (Toronto) so no hope of sending it anywhere for conditioning or store-approved repairs in the event those would be needed. I'll look into a good conditioning spray, though.
  9. Mistikat, Collonil waterstop spray has good reviews from all those that have used it! I wouldn't worry too much about babying your bags, but try not to put them down on the floor or anything because it does wear out the corners.
  10. I think I'm more worried about getting the bag caught on something or someone (on a crowded bus or subway car) and ripping a strip...

    Have heard about Collonil; I need to go back to the repair place that fixed the Roma and see if they carry it. Thanks for reminding me of the name!
  11. I posted somewhere else about how I spilled coffee on my woven parma wallet. No damage whatsoever and I only treated it once when I first got it. I recently took my Veneta on vacation with me and banged that thing around and it's no worse for wear. It makes me love my bags/acc's. so much more!
  12. I'm don't baby my bags at all. I was thinking of you guys this weekend as I used it as my carry on and was stuffing it under my seat on the plane. I thought, man, most pf girls would never do this

    granted I've only had it one season, but it seems to be in a perfect state still.
  13. I had to do that on Sunday too with my nero Montaigne - except that I thought that was better for it than putting it in the overhead compartment where I couldn't (1) see it (2) stop other people from touching it with their dirty paws, or (3) ensure it didn't get caught in the edge when the door was being opened and shut. But I didn't really "stuff" it under the seat - I placed it carefully there (with love)!
  14. Well, my Roma rode home from Rome tucked under the seat in front of me! But I'm probably not the best person to ask about babying bags considering I wounded that one a week later!
  15. oh-oh, looks like i will be the next one to "stuff" my veneta under the seat when i fly tomorrow afternoon - hope it doesn't get any scuffs or scratches or i will cry.