Tech Do you avoid social networking?

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  1. I don't twitter, have a myspace or facebook page or any internet presence. I'm secretly hoping the whole networking thing is a fad. ;) It all makes me very anxious. I thought it was just my advanced age but even people my age (over 40) are hopping on the bandwagon. I like to read and post in forums where there is a common topic of interest. I don't see a reason to bring everyone I know together in one place. (worlds collide theory ala Seinfeld). Is there anyone else in this boat or similar? Or are you avoiding it for other reasons altogether?
  2. I only twitter but thats used to network and for business only. I never felt the need for a personal one. As far as Myspace and FB...I used to have both, but I started getting contacted by ex boyfriends and people from my past that I had no interest in being friends with. They would continually send me messages, requests, etc. and I finally just stopped using it. FB was also becoming way too childish with everyone passing virtual drinks, flowers, karmas, games, signs, etc. that it got annoying.
  3. I've had friends tell me I 'need' to get a myspace and facebook page. I really have no desire to do those things. I never really did, even when I was younger (I'm 40). I figure I've pretty much kept in touch with everyone I want to without myspace or facebook.
  4. Floridasun, I get those requests, and I feel if these people have my e-mail, and they really want to stay in touch, then, uh, send me an e-mail!

    Marnee, I never felt the need either. But lately it's growing and it's everywhere. I'm starting to feel some pressure... I don't want to end up like one of the old guys I used to work with who were the only ones who didn't use e-mail, and the rest of us just thought they were sad for not getting with the program.
  5. Facebook has been phenomenal in keeping me in contact with people I haven't seen in many years.

    you would be so surprised with how many people that you have seen in your lifetime actually on facebook!

    I was so close with this girl growing up. Her mom and my mom were the best of friends. Exercising together, going out to eat and when they hung out so did me and my friend. Then one day my friend's mother had cancer and she passed away.

    I was there at the funeral and I can tell that my friend wasn't the same. We hung out a couple of times after that but it was so hard. She was going through sooo much. We lost contact with each other and I found out that she moved out the country. That was six years ago.

    well, last month I got a friendship request from her, which is uncanny because I haven't forgotten about her! So those social networks have their perks
  6. That is very nice to hear, Jahpson. Even though you are not helping my cause any. :crybaby: But it's a nice story.
    (I like your MJ Tribute)
  7. Social networking can be pretty amazing, but I prefer forums and online communities with people that have a common interest. I think it's because I'm like that in real life too, not really interest in socializing just for the sake of socializing.
  8. ^^^ I too prefer online communities based on a common interest. And sometimes your interests changes and you move on or you need a break from a community... But if you have a social page, there is no time out. :P
  9. I'm one of those! I had Friendster for a while but deleted it and just never joined anything else. I get constant nagging from friends to join Facebook specially but I don't think so!
  10. I've had many friends tell me that I should get a facebook or myspace page, but I have no reason to. I don't like it and I honestly don't want to communicate with some of those people.
  11. I am like you WithFrises and have no interest in joining those social networks and I have never visited those sites either. I also don't have a mobile phone
  12. I don't do twitter, facebook or myspace and didn't do LJ before that. None of them have any appeal to me.
  13. I don't have a fb account but my husband does because his entire extended family in on it. I live vicariously through him, but I would never start my own. Too afraid to add another timesucker to my life!
  14. I got on FB a few months ago (I'm 42). Gosh, my late 60-something Uncles are on it! What hipstsers they are!!

    I love it. I've gotten back in touch with friends from high school and even elementary school (which led to a real-life mini reunion!).

    As far as all that passing drinks, throwing snowballs, sending flowers and all that crap, I can't stand it. This is where the "IGNORE" button is Your Friend, LOL. You can block all those types of requests and even block posts from certain people who get a little yakkety.
  15. I right now have a myspace ( but never check it) and facebook ( but I'm getting tired of people trying to make themselves seem better than others) I do have a twitter account and that's really the only one I use but I've had that for over a year now before it became the IN thing and am really thinking about closing all accounts and leave all the wanna be's alone that were on my facebook and myspace.