Do you avoid buying light colored bags because it's hard to maintain?

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  1. I do!
    I kind of want to invest in one though because they are usually so much more beautiful than the other colors!

    If you're a huge fan of light-colored bags, how do you maintain your bag?
  2. I DEFINITELY avoid light-colored bags. I am extremely picky about my bags, and if they have the slightest dirt or mark on them, I just can't wear them. That said, I am also a fan of variety, so do have one slate gray Marc Jacobs. Definitely a light color, so I only wear it when I'm willing to "baby" it.
  3. I Love light colored bags...they look so elegant and classy.

    I actually carry a nylon bag with me (in case of rain) and I always put something under my bag when I sit it down on a chair or table.

    Here is my latest...
    Choo Bag 11.jpg
  4. I avoid buying light colored bags. I would be so mad to get a $$ bag dirty.
  5. I love all colored bags and a variety in my wardrobe is a necessity. I have a few light colored bags and at first I was afraid of getting them dirty but then I realized that they are alot more durable than you would expect. Go for the lighter colors. They are really great and match with alot of clothes. Don't be afraid to wear it! =)
  6. i do..i want them but i'm afraid i'll get them dirty in 2 seconds cause i'm not much of a baby-er of bags
  7. I once bought a camel coloured messenger bag - needless to say it is now ruined mostly due to colour rub from my jeans. Thankfully it was high street, I'd be gutted if it were one of my designer bags. I just don't suit pale colours that much anyhow.
  8. I love light coloured bags, especially white. But I have to admit that I only have two because I am so paranoid of ruining them. I think white looks so hot with many outfits, but I hate ownig things I have to baby.
  9. unless i really really really love it, i do avoid light colored bags.. most of my denim are darker wash and i'm afraid that it'll rub and leave stain mark with light colored bag.. i just have to constantly remind myself not to wear any darker denim if i want to use my light colored bag..
  10. I'm hanging on your words.......:okay: I'm getting a brand new Kooba Sienna in Ivory and I'm sooo nervous. I don't know why - I've owned several Koobas in that lambskin and they are a bit hard to handle but they're soooo purty! :jammin:
  11. I have two small children. I avoid light colored bags like the plague! They look beautiful though!
  12. Yes, I avoid light colored bags, even though I love how they look. I ruined my favorite Prada bag when it rubbed against my dark denim jeans. I tried everything that was suggested, even taking it to a leather repair/ cleaner shop and the only thing I can do is have it dyed a dark color like brown or black. sad....
    :crybaby: now I say I won't buy another light colored bag, unless it is a really low price!
  13. I got a new LV for christmas...amazingly was white with pink stripes...and it rubbed against my blue jeans. Now there's some blue on the white...not really that noticeable...but I know it's there lol. i would only buy light colored bags if they were leather...but even then..idk. I like my browns and blacks lol
  14. i LOVE light/white bags but they do get dirty very easily. my kooba from two years ago has also yellowed some which makes me very sad because it's gorgeous.
  15. I don't avoid, I pretreat them and clean them if they get a spot. The pleasure I get from them outweighs any possiblity of disappointment.