Do you avoid black when it seems to mask the design (i.e. print, embossment, shape)?

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  1. For those of you who get black bags, that is. I like black a lot as well as other neutrals. However, I have seen a few intricately designed bags that I just really adore yet are only available in black b/c other colors are sold out, and these bags are exclusive to a particular retailer and won't be restocked for another season. So, I succombed to buying the bags in black. The downside is at some angles, the design does not show as well as in the other colors b/c of the darkness of the black. This sounds ridiculous, but I feel I often have to pose a certain way or tilt to display the design, LOL, in some places I go to. You may not see the gorgeous shape so well b/c the outline disappears or see the patches against the rest of the background crystal clearly, etc.

    Sometimes fortunately though, it's usually the black that sells out first.

    Anyone feel this way?
  2. When I first get it I do feel like I have to show what it is and then I figure I know its there thats all that matters :yes:
  3. I actually rather like that 'Now you see it, now you don't!' kind of thing! :biggrin:

    A couple of years ago, I kept meaning to get a black Liberty Ianthe embossed leather bag for that very reason. :yes:
  4. Actually, I was attracted to a black bag specifically BECAUSE the design was hard to see. I paid a fortune for a Vuitton XXL Mahina in black. I really don't like blatant logos...period. I'd never get bag with LV all over it. This one does but it's perforated and it's barely visible unless it's in a certain light (and that light happens to be the floor of my car when the sun is brightest). I wouldn't get the other colors because the perforated design is visible on those.