Do you avoid bags with vachetta?

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  1. I'm curious, do you tend to avoid bags with vachetta?

    What about handheld bags or bags like the keepall that have vachetta handles?

    (If you have bags like the keepall, carryall, etc. in mono, by the way, I'd love to hear how they've held up over the years!)
  2. No not at all. I have 5 mono bags with vachetta! They hold up great and just look better with time. I will admit though, I do watch the weather for rain and will switch to a Coach bag or something else in rainy weather.
    I keep checking the LV website to purchase a Damier Ebene speedy 35 for use this winter. (Snow and sleet in Michigan) but they have been sold out for awhile now!:sad:
  3. nope. Vachetta doesn't bother me at all. I love it. I love to watch it darken. I just my bags rain or shine.
  4. No I really like vachetta and how it ages.
  5. Yes. That's why my recent purchases have been epi leather.
  6. I have 2 bags with vachetta -- a mono NF MM and an Azur Gal GM. I love them and don't mind the vachetta at all but I do freak out when it starts to rain!
  7. I love bags with vachetta, the caramel/honey colour it turns into is gorgeous to me. I'm impatiently waiting for my mono to turn that colour, I don't like bone white vachetta. For my next addition I'm buying a pre-owned Noe as I can't be bothered waiting :biggrin:
    It is definitely more high maintenance than say damier ebene but it doesn't put me off.
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    i like vachetta (in the beginning stage) i dont let my bags get too dark, dont like it that way...
  9. Fan of the vachetta!
  10. I am not a huge vachetta fan - love the way it looks but I am not good at taking care of bags. Actually, I am really hard on bags. Every bag with vachetta that has ever crossed my path has probably cried little purse tears from being mistreated :shrugs:
  11. I don't mind vachetta at all. I just make sure my hands aren't wet or soaked in lotion when I hold the handles.
  12. Not a fan at all! I've seen horrifying darkened vachetta on ebay and it freaks the hell out of me. I do baby my bags esp the LVs but I think I'll be too paranoid to carry it in case of oily/dirty hands etc. That said, I know some ppl are able to have nice beautiful patina. I just dunno how to get it like that. So given a choice, I'll just get the damier instead.
  13. Yes I do. I LOVE Damier azur but can't justify it because of the patina. I can't stand it turning a dark and unnew.
  14. Having good leather cleaner is good too. The dirty black handles on some purses are just from dirt. If you keep your hands clean, it shouldn't be black.
  15. My first LV was Popincourt Haut and then I swear not to buy anything with vachetta. In between, I bought a Rosewood. I don't use it that often and manage to keep the vachetta nice. So yes, I would avoid bags with vachetta.