Do you attach your Cles to the outside of your bag?

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  1. Hi

    I have Cles to go with my bags and always attach one to the outside of my Azur Speedy, cause I think it looks cute.

    Not so sure they look so good on the outside of my BH & EPI Pont-Neuf:s

    How do you carry yours?


  2. i never got into the accessories just bags, but I have seen many attach cles to the outside of their bags and it looks really cute.
  3. I have an framboise vernis, groom rond and an azur that I use on my speedy, the pomme heart on my mirroir speedies and the white mc heart is currently on my baggy pm
  4. I put my keys on the cles and change, cc and money more functional and less decorative for would look cute on the bag but, then where would you put your keys...unless you have more than one...the hearts look super cute hanging on ones bag....also a scarf is chic....
  5. I have always carried them on the outside of my bags, it makes it easy to get to my most used cards, and it looks cute!
  6. I just bought one last night and can't wait until I receive it.From what I have seen it looks cute BH's.Just try it on both and see=).
  7. I attach my pomme cles to the out side of my neverfull.
  8. when i get my speedy and cles im definitely going to !
  9. Only have the one cles so far, a groom one which I usually attach to the Mahattan PM. It doesn't really go with my other bags.
    The red vernis heart I only like to hang on my damier bags.
  10. I have a groom and a framboise vernis cles. I do attach them to the outside of my bags. I love them because they add some color to the bags and are so handy.
  11. I don't have one. But I think they look really cute on the outside of a bag.
  12. never attached a cles to my bags and I don't like the look either .......
  13. I just throw it in my bag along with all my other stuff.
  14. Just got Amarante Brentwood and matching cles and I LOVE the way it looks attached!
  15. If it's a larger bag and I'm just using it as a bag charm, I do, but if I'm using a Pochette or carrying money or change in it, I'll put it inside my bag.