Do You Ask Your BEs to Brave Harsh Conditions?

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  1. For those of you who are in rainy, snowy, yucky weather or other conditions--do you use your BEs anyway, and if so, which ones?

    For example, I find that when I have a trip or some event where the weather may not cooperate (or it's real dusty, etc), I may leave my BE at home and take my Tylie Malibu Capri or my Tano Boogie Bucket instead. Part of me is bummed because it is often on trips that I want to use my bags but then I don't want to risk them getting too beat up.

    I guess that's what a crash or pebbled glossy leather bag is for?

    So, if you're BE has braved the elements, I'd love to hear what the situation was and how it handled the task. :tup:
  2. I've used my Pewter Crash Indulge Me on many wet occasions. The crash leather has held up beautifully, and the zip compartments keep the interior safe and dry. It's the only bag I own that i'll take out in any weather condition.
  3. I've been using my matte grey SM pretty much every day for over a month - and it's been rained, snowed and splashed on by melting name it, and it still looks fab. I had a spot of salt on it (probably from the melt/splash) and it wiped right off. And I've never gotten around the treating the leather! So I think the matte leather holds up just great.
  4. My dark grey matte LM Midi has been in a few storms and it looks fantastic. I'm thinking that I really need to just break out my BEs more often when the weather looks like it's looming because I really want to enjoy them. I read the Babying Bags thread on the Handbags subforum and it was also a reminder to really use and enjoy your bags. I carry mine most of the time but find myself shielding them from certain elements when I really want to carry them.
  5. My Pewter, Plum and Black Crash bags all shrug off rain due to whatever that surface coating is. The only bits that might suffer or let water get in would be zipper tapes or gaps. I wouldn't actually want to scrape them across a rough surface but the Crash bags seem pretty tough cookies to me. The only problem that I could imagine would be if the coating degrades with too much heat or sunlight. Who lives in a hot hot land?
  6. I got my choco weekender truly sopping wet in a New York City rainstorm. I mean it was SOAKED. The leather dried perfectly. I have since treated it with a shoe store leather protector (nothing fancy). I think the weekender is a great bag to look Indiana Jones beat up. I agree that the matte leathers seem indestructible.

    HOWEVER. My choco crash and purple crash are either flaking color or getting worn edges. Some worn discoloration. I don't mind, because I think handbags are meant to be used. My goal is to use them until they are ratty...and then buy some new styles as they appear.
  7. I agree that the mattes and to some extent the crash plus the glossy cervos can be used in any type of weather! Be it rain, snow or extreme minus degrees. Also the pebbled mustard will withhold tough conditions. The only one I have tested against the pouring rain of the glossies/ sheen type is the Red, and it seems also to take a good deal ! Treat them afterwards?? Well, that'll be the day!
  8. I have no choice! I use my black crash when the weather is snowy/icy/rainy and it's been fine!
  9. I take mine out in all weathers, apart from my Hold Me and that's because I don't want rain getting in the gaps (and it rains quite a lot here in Northern Ireland - that's why it's so green!)

    The only bag I might have had an issue with is my I'm Yours Tote in Petrol. I was sharing a brolly with my father when it was lashing and I sort of ended up shielding the rest of my body with my tote, which got soaked. I couldn't swear that it was the rain that caused it, but there was a very slight mark (imperceptible I'm sure to anyone but myself) on the front at the bottom.
    I slapped some of my Tula handbag cream onto it when it had dried and it's more or less disappeared now. Maybe the glossies need a bit more protecting?

    I've had my matte LM Midis rained on and although rain marks or damp patches appear, they dry right out with no ill effects whatsoever.:tup:
  10. I use my pewter crash hold me when it is rainy and she is fine... i try to wear her on my shoulder/crook of arm and protect her with my brolly... but she doesnt mind ocassional showers!
  11. i don't think i baby my bags and i can't say i notice any of them suffering in the good old british weather. however if i am at all worried i change to my kooba brynne. that bag is indestructable!!! i have had it about 3 years and it looks brand new. the leather is bullet proof!
  12. I've carried my mottled silver in snowy weather and it's done great! The leather is durable so I don't worry about it. I'd carry my glossy chocolate and matte chocolate in bad weather too though as I imagine they're pretty resilient.
  13. I ask all my bags to brave harsh conditions. I really don't have time to switch bags according to the weather, and my bags have to bear the effects. Plum crash is doing well so far in the cold and snow of the northeast.
  14. I've been using my Crash leather bags when it's rainy and water just beads up and runs off them. I've also used them while traveling, but the crash leather will scratch and I've yet to figure out how to repair two ugly scratches on the bottom of my purple crash WTM caused by some idiot at Seattle airport - ugh! People should not shove other people when it's crowded! I have noticed that the handles on my Black Crash SM and TME are somewhat duller than the bags themselves but no flaking on either of those.
  15. I take my black crash in all sorts of nasty weather and you would never guess it. It looks as perfect as the day I got it just a bit slouchier which is a good thing.:P