Do you ask to see more than 1?

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When you're ready do you...

  1. Say, "Wrap up a new one for me! I'll take it!"

  2. Have them show you a new one.

  3. Ask them to bring out more than 1 so you can compare or choose the best one.

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  1. When you decide on a particular bag, do you have them just pack up a new one for you or do you ask them to bring out more than one so you can inspect/compare them to choose the "perfect" one? :graucho:
  2. I closely look at the one I was looking at, and if it looks ok, they wrap that one up. I've only asked for another one once.
  3. i look at the one they have out, then take home a new one from the back
  4. Why two threads on the same thing?
  5. i always ask to compare 2 of the same thing..:girlsigh: i'm hopeless i know haha
  6. I always compare first before confirming my purchase.
  7. I like them to bring out one from the back.
  8. I usually look at what I want, and ask to see another for comparison. But, when it's time to buy, my SA knows to get a "new" one out for me. That is, if what I'm looking at isn't the only one of its kind. If I'm looking at something that's SO or LE, then obviously I take that one with me...
  9. I usually get my LV items from the website, if i went to the boutique...would i ask to see more than 1? HELL YEAH!! For the price we pay for them we should be able to examine and compare until we are completely satisfied!!
  10. Yes I ask to see more than one so that I can compare. For what I pay I want my bag to be perfect!!