Do you ask to see more than 1?

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  1. When you decide on a particular bag, do you have them just pack up a new one for you or do you ask them to bring out more than one so you can inspect/compare them to choose the "perfect" one? :graucho:
  2. Normally they bring out a new one and they let you look at it before they pack it up. If there is something that bothers you, you can always ask to see another one. When I got my Speedy, it had a crease because it was folded and my SA took out like 4 speedies lol. =)
  3. I usually do my ordering over the phone and have the bags sent to me, so thank goodness I don't have to worry about this LOL! When I go to the LV near me to look, I am often happy with the bag they bring out to show me, but with the amount of money these bags cost, if you aren't happy with the one they bring out, I would definitely ask to see another, until you find one you are happy with!
  4. I am so picky I usually ask them to bring out a few to have some to choose from I'm really bad about that
  5. may I ask which bag you are lusting after?? :smile:
  6. Of course, I always ask them to bring new one until i like it.
  7. If I see something that bothers me I ask to see another one
  8. I sometimes ask to see one other one item to compare. But mostly I just ask for one from the drawer that was not on display. Again, I don't have a huge collection but this is what I usually do.
  9. Same here
  10. I always ask if they have a new one
  11. I always ask them to bring out more than one so I can choose and was just wondering if this is a common practice or if people usually just ask to see one. Since the bags are handmade, I've found them to all be different on some degree... sometimes its like splitting hairs while other times theres a big difference in the bags. I noticed it depends on the "batch." For small items they usually all look the same to me but for bigger bags I see a difference. Curious how everyone else does it. =)
  12. I don't usually do that - I'll just inspect the new one they brought one and if it's flawless, I'd just go with it. But I'm very picky and if there's anything I don't like about that piece, I'll ask for another one.
  13. I've never received a bag that I didn't approve of. Actually, I usually don't even see the exact bag that gets wrapped and boxed until I get home. But they have always been perfect.
  14. I just look at the one I'm getting, and ask for another only if there's something wrong with it.
  15. Personally I don't. I make sure I know what I want before I walk into a boutique. Perception is everything, so I do a lot of homework before I walk into any high-end boutique so I can get my items...and leave.

    I find it makes SA's want to work with you more. I have never walked out of any high end boutique without having SA's giving me cards, email addresses, Facebook names...etc.

    I really think it says something about coming in knowing what you want.