Do You Ask for a Haute a' Courroies or a HAC?

  1. Please don't laught at me ladies. I already feel so dumb for asking this but, when you visit your Hermes store, do you ask about this bag using the proper name (don't even get started about the pronunciation)! or would they look at you like you are from a different planet if you uttered it's nickname? Mind you, I have no trouble in asking about a Birkin!!!! Thanks in advance. By the way, I have studied the Pronunciation thread. Very helpful.
  2. tnw - at my store (not in the US) I ask for a 'Haute a Courrois', but I noticed when visiting the US recently, everyone pronnounced it 'HAC' (hack) - SO much easier! I also noticed most people pronounce 'rouge H' as it looks, whereas we say it the (try-hard) French way: "rouge ahsh".......they'll know what you're talking about, either way!
  3. While we call it a HAC here on the forum and on eBay, IMHO it's better to call it an Haut a Courroies in the boutique. Especially if you want your SA to find one for you!
  4. tnw, i was wondering the same thing, actually! Glad you asked!

    At my store they say "rouge ahsh" as well. (tropical alaska)

  5. I've referred to it as either - they know what you mean :smile:
  6. All the H staff at my store calls Rouge H "rouge ahsh" and calls the HAC the full name. And so I follow ..... :p
  7. Whoops.....:shame: I just called it the HAC 32.....the SA didn't complain tho, because I purchased it:p
  8. My SA, who's worked at Hermes Alaska for years, seemed to have no idea what I was talking about when I ask about a HAC. I then said "Haut a Courroies" and there was a big smile of recognition. But not bag.
  9. At my local Hermes, I pronounced it rouge h, and was corrected when the SA pronounced it rouge hermes (rather condescendingly). Now I pronounce it rouge ahsh, and Haut a Courroies--oat aw cwah.
  10. I don't understand the "rouge" part, since that means red, n'est pas?
  11. I had never heard the "haut au courroies" referred to by its acronym as a word "HAC" until meeting with several of the other lovely women. But, I love that informal and easy way of cutting to the chase, frankly!
    Obviously I learned my references from my SA and my store I either call it an H-A-C or a high-handle, or, if I am feeling esp. brave, I will do the french prounciation...however, more than once my SA has given me a second look when I have attempted the exact "Haut au Courroies" (and I took a lot of French in school!) so I often stick with the other options.
  12. ^ should see the look of disdain on my SA's face whenever I try and pronounce things in French! It's hysterical, and she has been giving me lessons for the past year!
  13. "Thank you for trying, stop mauling the beauty zat iz ze French language"
  14. LOL - Perja, it's more like.."stop......PLEASE, for the love of God, stop..."

    It took her around three months to teach me how to pronounce 'vert anis' correctly, now I sound like a right twat when I do.......
  15. LOL GF! Now I demand a sample of pronunciation in person ;) You have to come to the Paris meet.