Do you ask for a box when you buy a bag?


Apr 23, 2008
Do you have to ask for a box when you buy a bag from the LV store? I didn't get a box the last couple of times that I bought bags. When I did ask for a box, the SA acted like she was doing me a huge favor by giving me one, even for the flimsy box that she gave me. She said they don't give boxes unless it's a gift. The box that was given to me when I bought off of eLuxury was much sturdier. Anyway, is it standard for the SA to give a box when you make a purchase? Do you always ask for a box?


Nov 22, 2006
Some SAs automatically give boxes when a purchase is made and some do not. My SA always gives me a box, however, I think if I make another purse purchase, I'm going to ask her for a smaller hard box that I can use for storing other stuff and not the actual purse. If it's a larger purse, the boxes are usually collapsible/folded.

If you want a box, just mention it at the time of purchase. If you didn't get a box, then go back to LV with your receipt and mention that you need a box.


Nov 7, 2006
LV has two kinds of boxes--a hard sided and collapsible. The hard sided ones are given with SLGs, ties, belts, scarfs, pouches/pochettes, flat bags, and bags that are small. The collapsible ones are given with medium to extra large bags and luggage. What you buy will dictate will box you get because LV has set box sizes, meaning that a box isn't manufactured specifically for each style bag such as at Hermes.


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Jul 9, 2008
Detroit, Michigan
I like the hard sided boxes. The collapsible ones I throw out. My SA always gives me one. When I went to Paris and bought a bag they did not give me a box. Probably because I could not travel with it.


Apr 29, 2007
Where it’s sunny and humid
It really depends on the SA, I got my first LV and it came with a box (sorority sister from a different chapter was the SA) and when I bought my speedy 30, it didn't. But I made sure to ask for one. The SA reminded me to not store the bag in the box, so the leather can breath. :tup:
Apr 23, 2007
SA told me they have now been instructed to (1)give with gift purchases (i.e. w/gift receipts) and (2)when the customer requests one. The SA told me that reason provided to the public is for enviromental reasons; however, she whispered to me, "to save on costs!" LV is even feeling the economical woes nowadays! Simply be sure to ask for one.


Sep 14, 2006
It is kinda sad that LV is pinching their pennies and won't spare a box for the customers who pay a premium for their product. But it all comes down to who your SA is. I have done quite a bit of shopping at LV in the past couple weeks, and I got a box with each item. Twice it was with a salesperson I have known for while, but even when I went to another LV and purchased from a salesperson I did not know I got a box for my roses scarf without having to ask.

It would make me sad to get a scarf without a box, just hastily thrown into a bag. That isn't how I would store it in my home, why should they send me out of the store with it like that?


Nov 28, 2007
Not Close enough to LV
Most of my purchases are made per phone (since we don't live close to a LV) dh is usually placing the order and his SA always asks him "You want this gift wrapped for your wife, right?" My dh knows the drill and every item must come boxed....he even asks if they have new/different styles of ribbon.


Jul 18, 2007
I don't understand why LV doesn't give out the boxes, larger bags, ect. I can't imagine that it costs THAT MUCH compared to the bag.


Nov 7, 2007
i always ask for a box .... when i got my chanel i didnt get one i went back two months later and the SA was so nice and just picked one up and gave it to me i dont really need a box for my speedy so i never asked for one

but yeah just ask ...