Do you answer posts........

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  1. That you see are pages and pages long?

    For example, if I dont get on here for a few days, I come on and see an interesting topic that has like 5 pages...and I think....hmmmm

    Im just not going to answer, because my response has probably already been made....and nobody is going to read my little response over on page 5 LOL So, even though I want to respond, I just dont. LOL

    What about you?

  2. no i dont answer the long or plenty of answered questions. i specifically look for ones that have less than 10 answers or responses.

    unless it's something really important or interesting. lol.
  3. I normally have to have my say whatever!
  4. Depends...if it's a topic I'm not interested in then no....

    ...otherwise yeah my big yapper will be in there, LOL.
  5. depends... if it's an ongoing discussion-type thread (i.e. "not keen on having kids), i'd consider throwing in my 2cents!
  6. LOL No, I am no respector of page count.

    If I have something to say, I will say it, whether I do so on page 1, or page 100!
  7. Yeah, sometimes...But I feel the same way you do. Usually if the post has pages of answers, my answer has already been posted!
  8. It depends on how interesting I find the topic.. If I'm really interested, I love reading 10 or 20 pages of something before or if I say my $.02.
  9. I do! I've never thought of not doing that before. I always answer threads that interest me, regardless of whether or not my opinion has been made already. No one can answer it exactly like I would in my muddled up speech. I never post for the sake of posting though, a thread has to be about something that I have an opinion about, so that I don't just post a 3 word sentence.
  10. Me too. :yes:
  11. It depends on the topic.

    I understand how you feel...I hesitate to read pages and pages of posts, but if the topic is interesting, then I'll add a comment or two.
  12. I don't. I barely even read things if it's over 5 pages. Usually it's people saying the same thing..
  13. sure.....but if its the same person complaining about their bag dilemma of the day....i pass.......
  14. sometimes i do.. i guess it depends on the thread and what its about
  15. ^Same here.