Do you and your SO share friends?

  1. I'm just curious: do you have a common group of close friends, or do you two stick with seperate groups? Personally, I've never shared a group of really close friends with my boyfriend... I can see how it'd have its pluses and minuses.
  2. Well, although I don't have a SO now, when I did have one, we shared friends. My friends were his friends..vice versa. It's weird b/c his best friend is also one of my closest friends now. I feel there are no minuses until the break up~ :angel:
  3. The last time I had friends in common with a boyfriend was in middle school and it couldn't have been any more dramatic. :lol: I don't think I'd like to and I don't right now, I don't have much in common with my boyfriend's friends and he doesn't have much in common with mine.
  4. my boyfriend and i have the same friends. i know 'the boys', and he knows 'the girls' -- in this case from my acappella group :lol:. i go clubbing with 'the boys' a lot too, without my boyfriend, because he never feels like going out :P
  5. I def. share friends with my SO because that's how I met him! We've been running in the same circles for awhile but just never met, well, not until Jan. 2005 anyway. I have asked my friends who they'd side with tho, if anything ever happened and since they've known me for longer they said me. haha!
  6. No. However that's not to say that I don't go out with him and his friends. But they really aren't "my" friends. My own friends don't live in the same that answers your question on my end. :smile:
  7. Both....DH and I have 'couple' friends...neighbors, couples we've met together, kids' parents....but with both have friends from before we met too.
  8. Our groups of friends are pretty distinct. He likes some of my friends, and tolerates the others. Same goes for me, expect I'm probably in the 'tolerating' stage more than the 'liking' stage. He bonds with his friends over sports and beer, neither of which I am into. And I can't stand swearing and drunkenness, which seems to go hand in hand with sports and beer....
  9. A bit of both. I met my SO through my best guy friend so we have a lot of mutual friends from when we were back in school. We hang out with this core group a lot.

    But we also have friends that we've met on our own or outside this core group from various places and due to various interests - so on those occasions my SO is unlikely to join in and I don't very often join in on his. But there's always exceptions, sometimes he comes to my work functions and other times I'll join him in his breaking jams.

    I guess it's really the best of both worlds - sharing some common interests, but having interests of our own so we're not dependent on eachother 24/7.
  10. A little of both, but mostly we maintain separate groups. In college more of our friends overlapped because we met through friends and were all involved in similar activities.
  11. There wasn't much overlap between my and my ex's friends. We had a long distance relationship. I was friendlier to some of his friends than others. It was a little strange because some of his friends were attracted to me (even gave me their phone numbers when he wasn't looking).

    Overall, I wouldn't want to have the same group of friends as my SO. That's too weird to me. I like having separation between my friends and my SO because I wouldn't feel like I was being spied on all the time.
  12. Yup, we have the same tight knit circle of friends...we've been together for 7 years so I think it was kind of inevitable at some point to end up hanging out with the same ppl...Best part is, they are the #1 supporters of our relationship :yes:
  13. Same thing for my bf and I. When we go out, it's always together and its usually with other couples that have been together almost as long as us. Its good b/c they go through a lot of the growing pains we've gone through...and for the single ones that come out, we are able to give them advice on staying away from the crazies! :P :hysteric:
  14. Yes and no. We sometimes do things as a gang his or mine, but not ususally. Truth be known, we are such homebodies and like being alone that niether one of us are terribly sociable (except after a glass or two of wine! LOL!).
  15. We have both. His friends, my friends and OUR friends!