Do you and your friends/people you know have the same exact clothes/shoes, etc?


Sep 17, 2006
I just thought I'd ask because my boyfriend's sister and I have so many of the same things. Recently I bought a pair of shoes that she loved and she got a similar pair because of me. Now I really want those too! But I feel weird because we have some of the same exact designer bags and shoes.
Is this normal?? I try to get my own things and be as unique as I can but sometimes it just doesn't matter and I'm sure it doesn't to her either-- I like what I like and someone I know and see has it and we'll probably be wearing the same thing sometimes.
Does that happen to you? Is the best way to go about it to just get it if YOU like it even if people you know and see have the same exact thing?
May 29, 2008
Well if I know someone who has a bag/shoes or something extremely similar, I usually won't buy it for myself (unless it's a person I don't see regularly). Most of my friends aren't super interested in designers, so I don't need to worry about them. I do sometimes see girls on campus with clothes or bags that I own, but I don't see them everyday, so I don't mind.


May 1, 2007
I have a good friend and we hae always loved to shop together. When we first started shopping, like 15 years ago, we bought totally different things but as the years went by, they became more similar. Now, it is not unusual for us to buy the same things. Personally, I don't mind at all. If we are going the same place, we just tell each other what we are wearing. Almost never happens that we even want to wear the same thing!! So go for it :lol::happydance::love:


Nov 10, 2008
Sadly, My gf just got some shoes that I have in a different color. I don't like them as much as more. I feel bad about saying this she isn't as stylish and she makes my shoes look bad. I know its sad but its also true.


Lady Philosophy
May 13, 2008
Near carnage alley
My older sister and I have a lot of the same clothing, bags and some shoes and most of the time, we shop together. We usually have the same taste in fashion. It doesn't bother me but we try to make sure we're not wearing the same thing on the same day together.


Jun 5, 2009
Sydney, Australia
One of the girls I work with, who also sits next to me, we usually have the same things. For example, these ankle boots I bought last week, she loved them and bought them and same thing happened with another pair of shoes. I dont mind it so much cos we dont usually wear them at the same time and she always says she'll text me beforehand if she decides to wear a certain item that she knows we both have.
Aug 31, 2008
Yep. For the most part, my taste is very different from my friends' taste, but I have one pair of shoes that two of my friends bought after they saw me wearing them. Doesn't bother me.


feels like pigsomnia
this is actually a pet peeve of mine . . . not when it happens inadvertently of course, but i can't *stand* getting the "hey guess what! you know that dress you have? i just bought one too!"

:pout: :lecture:

it only bothers me if we socialize in the same circles; it just gets under my skin to be asked "doesn't X have the same dress? i think she wore it last week . . . "


Want. Want. Want.
Jun 24, 2006
East Coast
No, not really. My friends are very price conscientious, whereas I tend to not care (even though I should!) As a result, we may have items that are similar, but never the exact same thing.

I will say, though, that we've all started to rub off on one another style-wise. I primarily wear dresses (don't really care much for jeans and/or pants), and my friend has started purchasing more dresses. She credits me for influencing her style. Likewise, seeing how she styles her leggings made me go out and purchase a pair.

You know how after awhile you begin talking like the people you're surrounded by (using certain words or phrases)? Kind of the same way with our clothing!


Jan 26, 2009
Nope! We might have similar shoes, but our styles are so different that they don't "look" the same, if you know what I mean. We wear it all different.

On a side note... they do say family influences a guy's choice in dating. How cute that you and his sister have the same taste in fashion! :smile:


Apr 28, 2007
Not really. There is this one silk blouse we found though. She really loved it. She bough it and I didn't, although I looooved it so much. Three weeks after, we go back to the store and I see it on sale. I still love it a lot and there is only one size left, my size!! I told her I really like it and I bought it. I hope we don't show up at the office wearing the same blouse. Lol,I really wouldn't mind but there are only about 5 women there so everyone would notice.


Sep 29, 2006
me and my mom have alot of the same outfits (alot of Anne Klein, Jones New York, Ann Taylor etc). but i tend to dress conservatively so its more like im copying her. hahaha. sometimes i tell her "ohhh we should wear the same outfit" and she looks at me like i'm nuts lol. i think it would be fun! (my mom is 61 and i'm 28)
Aug 31, 2008
Yep. For the most part, my taste is very different from my friends' taste, but I have one pair of shoes that two of my friends bought after they saw me wearing them. Doesn't bother me.
Also, this isn't exactly the same thing, but it does go to being seen wearing the same things as your friends. When I was in grad school, my roommate and I wore exactly the same size, so we basically combined wardrobes and had one big closet. It was AWESOME.