Do you always use the same SA??

  1. Just interested whether you ladies always use the same SA?

    I had one that i always sought out, until recently, when she never seemed to be at the stupidly, instead of asking when she would be in next (and I had to make a purchase on that day in any case) I began 'seeing' another SA....and you know what - he is SUPER helpful, and takes notes of what I request and calls when He finds what I'm after........

    I feel bad however, because my first SA was the one who told me there were no actual waiting lists for Kelly's and she was the one who asked the Manager to put my name down for a specific one.......

    SO, should I just continue to purchase and work with the two of them, or choose one and stay faithful?
  2. Oh boy, tricky question. I've been told different things. Here's the dealio, my ex-SA said he preferred I stick with ONE particular SA, he said that's "how it works". One of the SAs I talked with at BH (in passing) also said the same thing - she told me about how she was annoyed with one of her customer because the customer was also dealing with other SAs. Now several of my current SAs tell me different things. One of them said anybody can help me, whereas another one said they prefer me to stay loyal to the store BUT I can ask anybody for help if she's not available.

    I guess i'm not much help ...
  3. Yes when they are available, I have one store where 2 SA's work with me together, and they do not mind... its nice:flowers:
  4. I wonder if they're on commission?
  5. I believe yes in the u.s. but supposedly not for birkin and kelly bags...they sell themselves.
  6. They sell themselves? The SAs or the bags?:P
  7. :wtf: (both?);) Kou, you are funny! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. kou -
  9. Is that why you have to buy so much other stuff from them before they feel 'ready' to sell you a Kelly/Birkin?
  10. probably!:yes: Luckily I actually like most of the products:flowers:
  11. Yes, I always use the same SA. She is really sweet though and she is so nice to me. I usually call a couple of days before I plan to go to make sure she is going to be there.
  12. It all makes sense now!!!!
  13. I had an SA for about 7 years...bought my first Kelly with her. In fact over the years i would purchase only from this SA, mostly RTW. But, when asking for a Birkin she pretty much said "no chance". So, one day she wasn't there and I asked another SA about a bag on display, purchased it and then began my relationship with my NEW SA. It was the best move I made. It is still awkward when I see the 'ex'SA, but I really don't care. My new SA has been able to get me a few Birkins within a couple of months. I guess we just 'clicked'. I do have other SA's from other locations, and am very loyal to them when visiting.

    * my understanding is that SA's share commission. So, go to the SA you 'click' with most.....(just my opinion)
  14. I have a SA in two different that ok? They are both helpful. I am wondering, though, if I buy something from one store would the other store know it and visa versa. Is there a record of purchases that anyone can look up?
  15. thanks gmel......that makes mr feel a lot better about it:flowers: