Do you always try clothes on before buying???

  1. I know I have to try certain things on like jeans, swimsuits etc but sometimes I'm shopping and just don't feel like trying stuff on but find a great deal or a nice piece. Most of the time these purchases are ok but occasionally I find myself stuck with something that doesn't work. I'm usually too busy to return stuff so I'm stuck with stuff that sits in my closet untouched.

    So do you ALWAYS try everything on???

    If you don't and it isn't right do you return it or suck it up???
  2. I would have to say , no, I don't try everything on - if it is something I just bought for the bargain's sake I return it - I figure I can use the money for something else....
    But if I like the item and it is just bit large/small/not exactly my cut I have started taking things to the tailor to get them altered. And I found that this makes all the difference, from an ok piece to a great one.

    If you are sitting on a lot of stuff you don't wear why don't you sell it or also get it altered? At least you can do something with it then... :yes:
  3. Lara, thanks for reminding me about altering. I go through phrases where I have a few things tailored, and you're right it makes a world of difference. I need to make the trailor my friend and visit reguarly like the dry cleaners.

    I'm not sitting on "a lot" of stuff but I find I waste some $$$ each year by making hasty buying decisions.
  4. I do almost 99% of my shopping on the internet so I don't try things on ever. I tend to buy from the same few stores and buy the same brands again and again so sizing is pretty much a sure thing with me. However, I do get things altered often and I do occasionally have to return something.
  5. I've often wondered this about internet shopping... howdya know if it's going to fit? A size 8 in one brand can be completely different from a size 8 somewhere else...

    But no, I don't always try things on. When I shop at Old Navy or the Gap especially for tops, I know what is going to fit and what isn't. I go there for staples, and they always fit the same.

    But anything like you mentioned, jeans, bathing suits (ACK!) bras etc. you HAVE to try it on.
  6. Yes, I try on everything before buying.
  7. I usually try everything on because i'm extra picky
  8. I prefer to, but it's not always possible -- when shopping on the internet, for example, or in a popular store on a sale day where the dressing rooms are swamped.
  9. I dont... This is the reason why DH have to ask me if I really like it before any purchase because we end up going back to the store... happens all the time!
  10. Yes, I always try everything on.. otherwise how do you know if it looks good? If I feel too tired or don't want to bother trying it on, I reason it is because I'm not that interested in it in the first place, so I don't buy it.
  11. Definitely! Especially with jeans, pants and dresses. It's rare that I buy clothing without trying it on and most instances I've done that, I've been saddled with clothing in an unflattering cut. Although recently I bought a tee for a friend from a kiosk in a mall, I only got to try it on when I got home and to my surprise it fit perfectly! Now I want to go back and get one for myself :sweatdrop:
  12. Only with some things. But most of the time, no. And I am ashamed to admit that, if it doesn't fit or look right after I get home...I just toss whatever it is into my armoire and forget about it. I do a major clean-out about once a year and bag stuff up for Goodwill.It's embarrassing to come across items that still have price tags attached--it makes me feel wasteful.
  13. I hate trying clothes on, so I really love being familiar enough with a brand that I know how it fits, and then I can usually get away with not trying on. Of course there are times when fit is inconsistent, and that drives me crazy!

    I would order most things online, if I could get away with it--I just hate trying on clothes--so strange!
  14. Yes I have to try things on! I just feel like I have to!
  15. I try most clothes.. whenever possible. But on some items like basic tees, I get lazy sometimes :shame: When I get stuff that don't fit well, I suck it up. I almost never return stuff come to think of it... :p