Do you always strip in public?

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  1. I love sharing my new purchases with everyone on tPF. It has always been at least half of the excitement. But, obviously, not everybody does reveals. For some reason that I can't put my finger on, very recently, I haven't done them. How do you decide whether to strip in public?
  2. No, not always. Sometimes I can't be bothered or just don't have the time. If it's a biggie (for me) that that I'm really excited about then I'm more likely to share 'n' strip :lol: but if it's just another scarf from ebay then I won't necessarily make much fuss about it.
  3. With bag purchases I always strip :graucho: Mostly because no one IRL shares my obsession, so I gotta let it out somewhere!

    Sometimes with small accessories I don't take photos, because I'm too lazy to do so or whatnot.
  4. Just the Birkin and Hacs are exhibitionists. The others are rather shy and don't like to strip in public:blush:
  5. I have two BIG strips ahead, ready to go....I just have to find the time to do them! We just finished a BIG OL PROJECT (BOPPY) and I'm feeling kinda dizzy :upsidedown:

    but I will get there!

    They are two absolute grails (for me).

    What do YOU have that you haven't shared, L2S????? Cmon, spill it girl! :drool:
  6. Yeah, I think we all work our way up to it. When you get your first scarf, that's a celebration!! But then you get your first accessory, and it's a slippery slope to the next big thing. Now I'm at the point where I only do reveals for handbags ... like the one I'm doing tomorrow morning! :graucho: (Not gonna hijack this thread so you'll just have to wait!)
  7. I am going to do right in Hermes when my SO Kelly arrives! I want to take the pictures in the store as I first see it, not box it back up carry it home and do it again.
  8. Not always.

    I share on tPF when I feel it will help other tPFers know what's new and coming. So, the small stuff I will make a point to show.

    Unfortunately, not all bags.
  9. Less and less, I usually just incorporate my new buys into the scarf thread.
  10. Nobody IRL shares my obsession but I've not gotten to strip yet! I know I'm silly :shame: but that's half of my excitement over getting my first H bag when it's my time-- that I'll get to finally do my own strip and reveal even though everyone knows what I'm getting :shame: I'm lame. Gonna go hide now.
  11. No, no, no...hide HERE. Hide here on tPF! I think alot of us are in the same boat here. Nobody IRL shares my obsession either, and if I told them about it, they would think I'm nuts! :wtf:Well, OK, I am nuts,:upsidedown:but the all people I know would think I was sick/nuts if they knew I how much I spend on handbags. And I'm not even into the exotics!:angel:
  12. i did it once on this H forum but i won't do it again...idk why just never been the type to let everyone know what i buy and when ...but i do like seeing what others get
  13. Nope. I think I did two reveals in the beginning and that's it. I don't want to be identified through my purchases.
  14. See, the people I know already think I'm nuts for spending $600 on an LV! When I finally get my first H bag if anyone finds out the price they will flip. For a long time my SO has been dogging me about spending so much on a bag (and it's not a Kelly or a Birkin!). But now he sees that I want one more than he's ever seen me want anything and I've made a lot of sacrifices to save up for it. I guess maybe he's starting to admire the fact that I'm working so hard towards getting one, and he says maybe there is someting to these H bags that I sit and pore over in the pages of Le Monde Hermes (courtesy of HG) daily. I'm keeping myself sane by my theory that when it's time for me to have it, my first H bag will come to me. *sigh* He thinks I'm stark raving mad for that, too.
  15. I did a couple of reveals in past few months, but I am unsure about future reveals. Ever since I saw pics of other tpfer's lifted by replica websites, I have been a little weary