Do you always "MATCH"

  1. For example, if you have a Monogram bag, will you carry a monogram wallet.
    If you're carrying something from the MC line do you have a wallet to go with the bag.
    If you travel and carry a mongram keepall...would you make sure your purse is monogram or would you still carry something from another line?

    Just wondering...
  2. Drives my daughter crazy but I carry LV accessories with every bag I own.
  3. Same here!
  4. In the past I "HAD" to match my wallet with my bags. But now, I always use my LV accessories with every bag I own :huh:
  5. nope! i rarely do
  6. Nope I tend to variate
  7. Wondering because now that I have a bag from the MC line, I think it would drive me NUTS to have a wallet that doesn't match!
    I don't think it would bother me if it was something like Cerises/Mono, or even Mono with a solid epi...but there's something that's almost TOO mismatched between the brown mono canvas and the bright and cheery MC.

    I'm kicking around a MC wallet of something from the Vernis line to go with the MC, but then there's a part of me that wonders is it REALLY necessary to spend $$$ on a wallet to go with a bag that you only plan on taking out during the summer months?
  8. Nope, the only thing I change daily is the LV bag I'm carrying. I use the same cles and wallet with everything.
  9. I have to have my wallet match my bag. It's just a weird thing, it actually bothers me if it doesn't match. My grandma used to be like that so I think I got it from her!
  10. no i dont match at ALL! my wallet is not even a designer one!
  11. sort of. i have a cerises pouchette that i carry with the mono speedy but not with the mc alma (because it looks odd to me). no wallet (yet) but that was why i got a vernis cles first as oppossed to a different line (i guess epi would have worked too)...that way i would always match. hopefully i can add that vernis wallet to match the cles.
  12. No, I don´t. when I used to have my mono canvas wallet, I changed it btw it and my big glace wallet, but now i just have the glace and I don´t have the canvas. And i don´t have a glace bag. now i´m thinking about selling my wallet and buying another one because the wallet is so fragile, its scratches easily and I don´t like it now.
  13. depending .. but i usually try to match my bag and wallet when i'm going out for the night out or a special event ..

    but for the usual day to day .. nope i can't be bothered changing my wallet everyday as i change my bags everyday.
  14. rarely...i don't care that much!! in my duomo i have my koala and my damier cles. that's it.

    in my antigua i use my black mc pmbv.

    in my popincourt i use my cerises pochette and sometimes i use my mono wallet.

    but today i'm carrying a coach and have my koala in it.
  15. I like to "match" but with different lines in different colors. (hmm, so maybe it's not matching.) But when I use my mini monogram Josephine in the dark blue, I use my yellow epi wallet for a great color contrast! Or if I use any other dark LV, I like to use a bright wallet for fun!