Do you always match your Bbag to your outfit?

I like to match my bbags to at least one thing I'm can be the shoes, jewelry, scarf, belt,'s usually something small that just ties the whole outfit together. I hate being matchy-matchy like a pink jumpsuit with a pink bag..URGH! That's just overdone..I like I never match the whole outfit to the bag but maybe one thing within the outfit.
DITTO for me too! This is the best way to tie the bag to the outfit. But I do believe in ONLY one other thing in that color and that is what you were saying here. :tup:
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What, me worry?
Dec 30, 2007
The Cool Cool North
Mostly I just like to rotate my bags every week or two. Sometimes if I have anything special on I may pick the bag for that occasion but it is usually just the one which is on rotation at that time.


Bag lover!
Aug 5, 2007
I really like my bag to match my outfit. I found over time, that I have started buying and choosing outfits that match the bag I want to wear!

I think a Black City is great first choice. Just be ready to start saving for a color one next! It's VERY addictive.