Do you always match your Bbag to your outfit?

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  1. I was just trying to decide if I should purchase/or ask for (hehe) a neutral bag or get something with a color that pops... I tend to purchase very neutral bags, but bbags come in such great colors, I was leaning toward buying one that is a bright color.

    So I was wondering if any PFers always match outfits with bbags, or do you use whatever you're in the mood for. :smile:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Nope, I definitely do not match my bbags with my outfit all of the time - the bright colors go surprisingly well with a lot!
  3. I never match my bag to my outfit----

    I match my outfit to the bag I want to wear!!! :graucho:

    To your question about neutral v pop color: do you already have neutral bbags? or is this your first? and will be your only one???
  4. hmwe46 - I think I am wanting to start off slow, so maybe a neutral is better for me, but all I have are "neutrals" b/c I really have a all LVs and not much else.
  5. Gotcha :yes:

    Have you considered a Black City??

    To me, that is the epitome of the BBag :heart:

    It got me hooked and now I have 13 :Push:
  6. That's the one I was thinking about :smile: And that's what I'm afraid of too, that'll I'll end up with a lot more haha. A good and bad thing :smile:
  7. I like to match my bbags to at least one thing I'm can be the shoes, jewelry, scarf, belt,'s usually something small that just ties the whole outfit together. I hate being matchy-matchy like a pink jumpsuit with a pink bag..URGH! That's just overdone..I like I never match the whole outfit to the bag but maybe one thing within the outfit.
  8. Yeah definitely go for a black city as your first Bbag. When you say match, are you talking colorwise? I try not to match the color of my bag with my outfit, but the black city goes with every color IMO, so totally worth it! If you wear a lot of black colors then a bright colored Bbag will be totally cool.
  9. ohhh, very good point about wearing black colors, b/c I definitely do wear a lot of blacks and browns and blues... hmmmmmm

    and yes, I meant colorwise, but I guess I really mean, if you have an accessory or something that would go with the bag, would you wear a particular one. Kind of like what hellosunshine was referring to.
  10. I like letting my bbags stand out. Just a nice pop of color or something to a plain outfit. I normally dress in greys, blacks, whites.

    I kinda dont like matching period so its ehh. I dont think they should match, they just have to go. Same tones or whatever at least.
  11. I try to coordinate so that my bag ties in with something I am wearing unless the bag is a neutral. The black city is great, but if you wear alot of neutrals or black, I would encourage you to consider one of the blues (turquoise or electric) or one of the pinks (bubblegum or pale magenta).
  12. I never match my Bbag to the outfit. I like the Bbag to be a stand out piece and a POP of colour..
  13. ditto :tup:
  14. I've gone through changes in this. I used to just wear whatever color bbag I bought with everything for weeks and weeks until I got a new one. Now I tend to coordinate, not matchy-matchy, but have the bag somehow relate to the outfit. And I just sold 4 bbags in different candy colors, plus my 05 black city (why, oh why? did I do that?!), so that I could buy one neutral bbag. I chose sahara. I guess I've reached a point where I am trying to be more practical and have a bag that tends to go with everything I wear. I am over the candy colors for now. Well, except the blue. I kept 4 bbags, 3 of which are blue. I am realizing how much I love blue. So I will be able to coordinate blue with a lot of my outfits, not to mention blues always go with jeans. Hope this helps!
  15. Nope, I'm awful at matching. I just wear whatever goes with the weather and pick a bag. Definitely not as coordinated as some ladies here. :P Plus, some days I get up and have to rush to class so there's no time to pick and choose.