Do you always look for perfection in a Bbag?

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  1. #31 Feb 6, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2009
    I look for perfection in my bags. But I know that not all bags are perfect. One of my LV bag didn't come perfect when I bought it brand new. I noticed it quite late and I was obssessed about it for a week or two. But after that I just let it go and enjoyed it. My brand new black city, that I just got it yesterday, is not perfect either. I just noticed it last night with a good light on stitching. There's a weird stitching on the front of the bag. I looked and looked and wanted to be sure it wouldn't come off. I don't plan to return or exchange it because the rest of the bag (I mean leather) is perfect. I can live with that tiny flaw. And if that part of stitch would come loose in a year or two or more, I would have it fix. But now I just enjoy my new bag.
  2. Thanks for your inputs everyone!:heart:

    It's just that I've been wanting to test out a Black City (never liked the City style before but thought I might give it a try again) and I don't want to spend retail on something I'm not even sure I'm going to love. I was looking for a preloved or broken in bags when I came across this (not from a tpf member:heart:) Do you think I should get this below retail? Given the highlighted flaws? Or just wait for another one? TIA!:heart:

  3. T, One thing I am soooo anal about are the corners(I am more tolerant of other flaws). I keep mine scuff free even with months of use so the scuff as bad as pictured, would totally throw me off. UNLESS it is ridiculously below retail.
  4. I don't like what I see in the third picture at all. I think you should wait for something better.
  5. i'm a bit of a perfectionist so i look for perfection in everything...
  6. Thanks ladies! That's what I thought too!:sad: I can't understand how the corners could get scuffed like these:confused1:
  7. I don't look for perfection in either bags or people. A couple of months ago I got a great deal on a Twiggy as it was slightly damaged (zipper pull on front pocket). I just covered it with a Mulberry bag charm, but might have it repaired at some stage. I think the best way is always to be moving on from difficulties. So I really appreciate my otherwise gorgeous Anthra Twiggy. I had never owned a Twiggy before, although I have a couple of Cities. I now find that the Twiggy is a perfect size for me, and just see the imperfection as a Twiggy charisma!