Do you always look for perfection in a Bbag?

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  1. What I think is a perfect bag for me someone else may completely reject it, lol. Personally i don't mind a little wear on the corners, but uniform color is important to me. The imperfections that come with time would happen whether I was the one who carried the bag or not, so I don't really get worried about that. And perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes it's the *flaws* that give it character, sometimes it just looks used.
  2. I'm drawn to used, broken in bbags! The work is already done for me! And I crave that vintagey smooshy look. I also think that slight imperfections make each bag unique!
  3. I don't think that there is such thing as perfection, if I understand your question correctly. I only know 'excellent condition' or 'like new'. If I were to spend that much money on a BBag, I would make sure that the corners are not scuffed or worn, no stains or rips whatsoever, no manufacturer's faults etc. I would think a little colour variation in the leather is expected, and it gives the bag more character. If it looked too 'perfect', it would look flat, or worse, fake!
  4. im very picky with brand new bags bought from the bal shop. i need the bag to be flawless and perfect leatherwise. for oldies, it's totally different. i accept some signs of use, wear, but definitely not the bad smell or dirty handles.
  5. i would want perfection when buying my bags from the boutique. i expect it from them. but, if we're talking about bbags, the small/tiny natural distresses on the leather maybe excused coz it adds character to the baby. plus, it's the calling... if you can't sleep, can't eat & kept hearing the bag calling you... GET IT!!!!! it is your heart's desire.
  6. Other designer bags I own have clearly been made to a higher quality standard than my Bbags. So too mid-price bags. However I don't mind small flaws or imperfections in Bbags as I love the design so much. I found a dramatically marked-down Twiggy in TK Maxx, Ireland a few months ago. When I got it home I realized why it had been marked down. The gap where the zipper pull and tassel attach to the front pocket hadn't been closed off. Although my husband tried to fix it, next time I was in town and used the bag, the tassel pull attachment came off, in such a way that I was left with a small useless stump! I'll get it fixed professionally, but in the meantime I attached a Mulberry zodiac charm to dangle over the pocket so that the flaw can't be seen until I get it fixed. I've never had a problem like this with any of my other bags, even dramatically reduced ones.
  7. Well I have never come across any Bbag in TJMaxx here in the states! If it were cheap enough I would overlook the flaws! My ebay Bal bag is great! The brand new one I returned to Nordstrom because it just didn't have the appeal of the preowned!
    I personally love Bbags flaws and all!
  8. My Twiggy came from TK Maxx in Limerick, Ireland. I've seen no Bbags there before or since! I keep looking though.
  9. You've got to love the bag you're going to purchase. I remember I wanted a Teal Bbag so bad because that was one of the many colors I was after. So there's two different styles up for grab at the same time and both did not have the saturation I was looking for. Granted both were used, but they were super faded and the color hadn't faded evenly either. To make a long story short, I end up purchasing the Twiggy despite its flaws. When I got it home it looked more beat up than in the! But for some odd reason I just fell in love. I couldn't explain it. The leather was softer than any other leather I've ever touched on a Bbag, but it wasn't the leather I was after. The color was faded to a gorgeous denim, not the typical medium denim that comes to most minds, but a soft teal like denim that matches anything you put on.

    So I really don't know what advice to give you other than I took the leap and in the end turned out pretty great.
  10. I tend to look for perfection if i'm purchasing a brand new bag and i'm spending a lot of money on it. I make sure that the color/leather is even, no lose stitches. Then I give the bag to my bf who has really good eyesight and asked him to check one last time before I make the purchase. But other than that, I'm not exceptionally picky about things that are not too obvious.

  11. I can really relate to that! The leather on my Teal City is very soft and fine. At first I thought that maybe the leather from that year wasn't as good as other years. But then I grew to love the bag's softness, subtle colour and light distressing. Also, I have never seen another Teal Bbag IRL. That makes Ms Teal City even more special!
  12. HAhahahahah. No. My bag was from ebay. It's like a good boyfriend that has few flaws that you can overlook because everything else is just SO good. It's a reliable bag. The flaws make it real. I love my bag!
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    I am super-duper picky about the leather; I don't like it to look dry & scaley. As a result, I have missed out on many colors that I would LOVE to have in my collection ... such as Bouton d'Or, Vert d'Eau, etc. Obviously, I don't want a bag which is ripped or super scuffed-up, but I'm less picky about little spots or natural wear (if buying a used bag) as long as it doesn't look like it was put through a marathon-of-wear!!

    I guess ... bottom line, you have to decide whether or not you can live with a bag that doesn't meet your *criteria*. I know that I cannot, so I bypass it ... and just hope that I will find one later (I had to wait 2 years for my '05 Apple Green City! ... but I :heart::heart::heart: it!!!).
  14. I don't mind bags that are slightly used, but don't care for scuffed corners, scratches, spots, etc. I can't tell you how many bags I've passed up because of those "flaws" only to come to regret it because they are so rare or few and far betweeen. I'm trying to get beyond that train of thought because most of the bags that I want are from 06 and earlier.:sad:
  15. The "perfect" Bbag for me is a well cared for oldie 2001-2005. I love the older leathers and colours and also prefer a bag to be broken in for me (no damage/smell/dirt though) and I like a bit of vintage character.

    I find with brand new bags I tend to focus only on the flaws. I'm also usually too scared to use them in case I get them dirty/scratched whereas I can use and love my pre-loved Bbags with gay abandon!!!

    I have a lot of antique and deco beaded purses and love the fact that many of them were made with a single bead deliberately out of place or in a "wrong" colour because their makers believed that "only God is perfect"!