Do you always look for perfection in a Bbag?

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  1. Heya ladies! Something got me thinking and I wanted to throw the question to you guys;)

    When buying a Bbag (brand new or second hand) do you always look for perfection?

    I just came across one bag that I've been wanting badly but it's not really perfect, I think?:shrugs: My friends say it's perfect and I should get it and not stress about it too much. My quirk is that sometimes I come across bags that are not evenly colored (or appear to be) due to the difference in distressing or the natural variations of the leather. I'm a firm believer that if you're not happy with the bag, one should sell it and move on but with this one, it really speaks to me, KWIM? It calls out to me, everything's perfect - except for that one small thing:Push: Am I obsessing too much or are my friends right?
  2. "if you're not happy with the bag, one should sell it and move on "

    ITA! Listen to your heart...
  3. It depends how you define perfection really. If its asthetic perfection then no, becuase perfection in that sense annoys me. I prefer my bags to have a little character, something that makes them mine and no-one elses. But if you mean pefection in the sense of feeling that a bag is perfect for you, then yes. Because if its not, why spend the money?

    I suspect that wasn't overly helpful (sorry!), but what you have to weigh up is if the voice that speaks to you is stronger or weaker than your dislike of the appearance of uneven colouring. Unfortunately, I think its a gut decision.
  4. I think it's normal we are almost obsessed,the prices are so high!!!:yes: I also want to be pleased with my Bbags;colours,leather,all!
    You're right mischka!:okay:
  5. Leather is supposed to have natural differences in texture and color. As long as they are not so obvious that the panels look mismatched, it doesn't bother me. A leather bag that is completely uniform in both texture and color can look like pleather. When I collected Chloe, what I loved most about the leather were the subtle variations in texture/color. No two bags were completely alike.

    I obsess about obvious imperfections like scratches, scuffs, indentations, unveven stitching, black dots on the leather (hate those!), etc.
  6. I think there are various levels of "perfect". Seeing that it is animal hide, I expect that the little goat or lamb may have had some scars, or freckles, maybe this little goat/ lamb was a little older and had more textured skin. That I can deal with with no problems at all because it's part of the hide. Now mismatched back/ front/ sides annoy me, because that is controlled by the humans sewing the hide together. Like on a few of my Days, the leather on the sides is quite distressed, but in the middle it is smooth, that is cool because it's the same piece of hide with natural variations.

    I hope that helps!

    I wish you well,

  7. I used to get extra picky about those things. Then started to realize if i wanted some of the older bals, i need to remember that not all can be brand new. When i wear mine, they slowly become used and i still love them the same. Maybe you should give it a second thought? I wouldn't buy a faded or warmed handle bag though.
  8. I do which is annoying because there is nothing that is perfect. Unless it the fault is glaringly obvious, I have learned to live with it. And perfection is subjective. BUT if you keep obsessing about it, then there's no point. Let it go.
  9. When it comes to the quality of the leather I am picky. I don't like veiny or dry looking Bbags. The smoother the bag is, the more I am drawn!
  10. I'm super anal so I scrutinize everything when it comes to a bag, both before and after I buy (sometimes to the point that it prevents me from actually carrying it and enjoying it, unfortunately). That being said, there are some flaws I can live with and others that I can't. Everyone's gauge of that is different - go with what YOU're comfortable with.
  11. I think perfection is different in everyone's view. It might be perfect to your friends but if it isn't perfect in your eyes, the flaw will always be amplified no matter how minute it is.

    Personally I scrutinize the bag before purchasing too but I look for more visible flaws like scratches or scuffs but for the variation of colors, it really depends on how much variation and all. Some variation actually acts character to the bag but over variation just looks off. Its difficult to draw the exact line as to what extend the variation should be before it becomes a flaw.

    So I think you're perfectly fine! You will eventually meet a bag you'll fall head over heels with! GL! :tup:
  12. I totally agree with sweetlust :yes: I think that's a great comment that sums it up really well
  13. hehe I agree too. Sometimes I could only see the flaw and had to sell. :Push:
  14. I think all B bags looks perfect regardless of style&color:biggrin:
  15. yeah, I'm pretty picky, it has to be almost perfect.