Do you always decorate your bags?

snowy day

Sep 1, 2007
I am wondering what accessories would go with my black leather Soho flap. Right now, I have a black leather photo holder key fob on it (the one for two photos), but it seems so boring. I was wondering what I can do to jazz up my bag, but still make it an everyday kind of look. I thought about initials for my kids, but I have four, and I think that four initials would make the bag weigh at least five pounds more (not to mention look like alphabet soup!). Any ideas? I love the new signature locket, but do you think the brass would clash with the nickel hardware on the Soho? I am loving the snowman and snowflake keyfobs...but what should I do when it's summer? What about another photo keyfob in the signature or the lurex (in black and white or silver or something else?)

Would a scarf be a temporary decoration? Not a real everyday thing, is it?

Do you always have some bling for your bag?!?!? I know I'll get some good ideas from you all!:yes:


goddess ^_^
Mar 3, 2007
Honolulu, HI
I'm not a scarf person in general so I don't decorate my bags with them... but I love keyfobs and charms!! My medium denim Carly has the tortoise keyfob, my black signature demi pouch has the watermelon charm, my white Ali has the J and M charms, my black signature Penelope satchel has the big colorful leather COACH letters keyfob, my rose Legacy flap has a pink crossbones tokidoki keychain... The remainder of my bags don't have any "bling" but that's because I don't use them as often and are stored away in my closet. I also have a metallic pink/silver/blue star keyfob that I haven't put on a bag yet but is just waiting for a home... Hehe.

I would say maybe get a few charms or keyfobs to rotate on your bag!! Especially when you get them at the outlet, you can afford more than one easily!!


Feb 24, 2007
the Northeast
I never decorate my bags with anything. :nogood: I think it makes them look to busy and they are gorgeous on their own. If I purchase a charm, I use it on my keychain, and I'll wear a scarf around my neck, around my waist if it's long enough or in my hair.


Aug 6, 2006
I really like the initials, I have 6 kids but only two initials between them all so I have their initials on one Coach bag but for my next bag I am going to get my husbands and my initials. That would look good on your bag. Also the flower charm is very pretty and the new snowflake would look nice against black and by summertime they will have a new one to change into :graucho:. Oh I should say though I do always decorate my bag with something, it just personalizes it. P.S. This isn't Coach...but the Juicy charms look nice against a black Coach :smile:


Mar 19, 2006
The Great Plains
I do charms on all my bags. I just like personalizing them. I think the snowman would be perfect for your black flap and then in the summer wait and see what new ones come out! I actually just bought a soho flap off of ebay and if I like it and keep it for myself I plan on putting the snowman on it. Otherwise I'm going to give it to my dd for Christmas with the skull keyfob on it. There's another suggestion, if you like the skull!


May 2, 2006
I like to use charms/keyfobs. I might use a scarf in the spring/summer, but i'm not really into them for this time of year.

The new penguin would look ADORABLE on a black bag!


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Aug 2, 2006
I don't ALWAYS decorate them, but if it isnt' too much I like too.. I have a chocolate soho flap and right now I have my own initial on it.. I think it's cute and adds a little character.. the skull idea above would look hot on that black bag.. as would several of the charms/chains.. I would stick to the nickel because I think it would look best, but it's up to you! :tup:
I've seen people put scarfs on the straps to a bag and it looks adorable on some. I think it all depends on the size of the bag. I think a scarf will look great on a large bag. A scarf can make a little bag look too busy. It also depends on the color of the bag and the color of the scarf. Regardless, it can really dress it up.

All my bags are smaller so I don't put much. I have a "L" charm on one for my name.


Aug 7, 2006
I have brown bags myself, but if I was a black bag girl, the skull/crossbones keyfob would be mine!:graucho: It would look great on your bag because the hardware would match. If you're not liking the skull, the snowman is adorable and then you could just buy something new for Spring/Summer.


Oct 7, 2007
great topic! i have a black sig duffle and i want to get the snowflake charm for it cause i think those colors go beautifully w/ the for right now, i'm using the embossed apple keyfob on my purse (i have a thing for red lately!) so i would suggest either keyfobs or maybe your family's last initial charm, that would be cute!
Jul 25, 2007
I put a scarf and my two childrens' initials on all of my bag. My bags are all rather large and leather bags, so the scarf/initial combo isnt too much. Even on my signature bags, though, just a ponytail scarf w/two initials looks just fine, not overpowering.