Do You Always Carry Your LV?

  1. Ok, my sweetie is taking me to NY next week. I can buy a LV in SF but and I'm really thinking about buying a LV there as a memento of the trip.

    Anyway, it's also another thing to justify the price of the bag. I have never, ever bought any kind of accessory that expensive. I have a ton of handbags in different colors and usually try to match one to what I'm wearing. My question to you LV lovers -- do you carry your bag no matter what color your outfit?

    Maybe I'm old fashioned, but if I'm wearing black shoes, I like to carry a black bag. Does it matter with an LV??

  2. I usually carry my LV everyday but I am missing my little ol' pink Dooney and Bourke, so I'll probably switch for a few days, just to give LV a break.
  3. nowadays i mostly carry my balenciaga bags, but inside the bag is filled with small lv items like wallet, name card holder, coin purse, agenda etc
  4. Not always. Sometimes I'll use cheap bags, especially if I'm going to be in a place I know it could get dirty easily.
  5. I do for the most part but I do have others..when I switch it's either to a Chanel, Dior, Juicy Couture or one of my star bags from Nicky Hilton for Samantha Thavasa.
  6. I've been carrying my Damier Speedy 30 for over a week now. It surprisingly matches most outfits :yes: I switch my bags when I'm bored :biggrin:
  7. i usually carry my lv but on the rare occasion i don't i sometimes feel a pang of regret when i see someone else with their lv bag. it's like i miss my lv or something. am i the only weirdo? :huh:
  8. Oh and welcome to the forum jello_1955 .
  9. I tend to carry my bag a bit more often (regardless of what I'm wearing) when I first bought it. After the initial phase, I try to match my purse with my outfit.
  10. I think Damier and Monogram go with a lot of different colors, so I never match my bag to my shoes (that's a little OCD in my opinion, and looks too "matchy").

    And to answer your question, I don't always carry my LV purses everyday, but I always carry my agenda and cles (I use the cles as a wallet, it's the perfect size for me since I don't like big wallets)
  11. Oh and if you really want to match your bag to your shoes, you can always buy a black Epi purse :biggrin:
  12. Not when I'm in school. I usually save it for going out.
  13. i've been using my Damier Papillon 30 ever since i got it last week :biggrin: but i try to keep my bags on a heavy rotation, or they'll be neglected

    i always match my bags with my outfits (like here), even though the Monogram and Damier bags match anything. i like being 'matchy' :P
  14. i'm too lazy to switch purses constantly...i love my mono speedy because it works with most outfits and most occaisions. i take a different tote to work (so speedy doesn't get dirty....i work in a restaurant) and use clutches for special nights out...but otherwise speedy it is.

    i wear mostly black tees and denim with black shoes. i think it looks fine. i hope it looks fine. even if it doesn't, i guess i don't really care...although it might push me a little harder towards that red epi speedy or soufflot i've been eyeing...:love: hehe.
  15. No I don't focus on matching. I can just carry my bags with pretty much any outfit I have on. But I don't always carry my LV. I have other bags that I carry more.