Do you always cancel low-fb bids?

  1. So I state clearly that low feedback bidders (< +10) are to contact me BEFORE placing a bid or I will cancel.

    Now I've go this one with (4), 100% however the only item bought that I can still see (within the last 3 months) was a $2 book.

    Would you cancel him/her?
  2. I put in my auction 5 or less FB bidders are to contact me with payment intention and type. Because before I did that, they would bid, and then write me saying they bid...LOL But my main idea is that no one reads the rules. I get bidders all the time who never write me....and if they are suspicious, I do block them early in the auction.
  3. i used to not allow low feedback or 0 feedback bidders to bid unless they emailed me first, but now i don't really care, I just check out their bidding history first, if it's ok (i.e; not bidding and winning tons of stuff) i'll leave it, if it's questionable i'll email them.

    I had a bidder with a higher amount of feedback bid on my stuff but then I saw that they had bid and won thousands of dollars worth of stuff i cancelled their bid. No way I was getting caught up in a potential fraudulent acct!
  4. I did check on his history, nothing besides mine, and a $125 Gucci top from a month ago. So I can't say he's suspicious. But I do have doubts that he will pay.
  5. i would email them just to mention that you saw they had put a bid in although you have this rule, then ask them to confirm that they are serious about the transaction, if you don't hear back cancel it
  6. i never care. i don't say anything in my fb about it. a really high percentage of my buyers are 0 fb newbies or people with low fb and i never have problems with them. they're usually super nice and happy to have the item and pay fast.
  7. I would contact the buyer and request assurance that they can pay promptly should they be the winning bidder. If they respond quickly I would guess they are legit. If not, certainly be wary.
  8. The only bid I ever cancelled was from someone with -1 feedback - yeah, like I was going to let that go through. Other than that I just let the auctions run. I do not sell a lot of expensive designer pieces through eBay, though, so I won't take a huge loss on a nonpaying bidder.
  9. Yeah, the only time I've had a feedback requirement was on a Monique L'huillier wedding gown I was selling - I didn't want someone bidding it up just to see how much other people would bid, and then not pay. Even with the requirement bolded and highlighted, I had about five people bid on it anyway. I contacted them and explained the requirement, and four of them wrote back and explained that they were very interested and would follow through with payment. The fifth one never wrote back, so I canceled their bid. As long as they respond, and seems legit, I'd give them a chance.
  10. no, but i also have not sold anything over $150. after that i might get serious.
    esp if i was scammed. i'd prob get tight then.
  11. I have had trouble lately with low or zero feedback bidders. Not sure why. I don't know if their accounts have been hacked or what. It's hard to tell.
  12. I use to say the same but it seemed no one read that far in the auction. Some of my fastest payment have come from low feedback bidders- but I now have a newbie that I'm awaiting payment on- I think it's hit or miss :confused1:
  13. >10 is kinda harsh, imho. I usually do anything more than negative (automatic eBay block of anyone with negative feedback). Lots of 0 feedback people are really nice. As long as you block unconfirmed addresses it should be no problem. I do admit, when I receive a best offer from a 0 feedback person, I usually ignore it.
  14. ^ well, I am not blocking < 10, I am just asking them to contact me first so that I know they are serious (and can read). I've had quite a bit of problems in the past of low feedback buyers not paying.

    I don't think there's a way to block unconfirmed addresses. You can block for not having paypal, but that doesn't equal paypal confirmed. If you know a way to block unconfirmed, I'd love to know.

    Well, I am letting this one run its course. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised for a change.
  15. you can't block unconfirmed addresses! all you can do it set it up in paypal so you have the option to refuse payment on them