Do you also have this problem? BareMinerals

  1. I don't know why but sometimes BareMinerals will look great on me, sometimes, absolutely horrible! Almost like I have super dry skin or something and the minerals just settle into my pores. I really can't understand as I always apply it the same way. I was just wondering if any of you have experienced this, and if yes, how have you dealt with it? Thanks in advance!
  2. it makes Everyone look old - I have never seen anyone it looks good on.
    Some people say the love it, but what we've seen is it settles in the pores, does not provide adequate even coverage and also settles in any wrinkles.
    Jane Iredale is much worse.
    My friend is a professional photography makeup artist who works with major publications. she says its all about the hype.
  3. what exactly is the hype with BareMinerals...i don't know too much about it?
  4. I don't know, ever since I've switched to mineral makeup I look a TON better than I did before with regular foundation/powder ... I doubt it would be good for professional photography, but it's very natural for every day wear. I don't like to look 'made up' every day!

    if your face is dry (mine is too) try the everyday minerals in the original formula. it works SO much better for me than BE and you can get a free sample kit on their website. also, when I used BE I used to put tinted moisturizer on first instead of that primer they give you and that helped too.
  5. Just my two cents, but as a retired makeup artist for photography and film, a product such as bare minerals is not usually applied. Photography and film requires a totally different medium and application, as opposed to everyday makeup or evening makeup.
    I personally have used bare minerals and was pleased with the results.
    It's feather light, covers flaws, and is very natural looking.
    Remember that proper skin care is the key to the optimum appearance of any makeup foundation etc.
    Without a prepped and clean pallette makeup will not look its best. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisterize religously and any make up foundation or powder will look
    so much better....and don't forget the sunscreen.
    Bare minerals has sunscreen.
  6. I tried it a long time ago and my face was like an oil slick. yes very natural...NOT!
  7. I had a lot of trouble with the shiny effect and ended up switching to a different line of mineral makeup from I use a mix of Flawless Feline Foundation and Pampered Puss Foundation. Its great, it doesn't make me itch and it doesn't have that shiny effect. They have like a million colors too, I use the fairly new Sleek Manx, which is pretty much a mix of Sleek Korat and Sleek Chartreaux, which I mixed before they put out Manx. Love the stuff.
  8. I've worked as a makeup artist in the past and still do part time now.....I had tried bare minerals foundation and hated it, it just didn't work with my oily skin and kinda rolled off for lack of a better explanation, their shadows were ok on me though...... Recently I wanted to re-visit mineral makeup again because I do think it's better for the skin so I looked into a company called Jane Iredale and I'm really enjoying her products, she has a pressed powder foundation that is so similar to my favorite non-mineral powder foundations that I can't ask for anything more. I'm slowly adding more and more of her products to my collection for everyday makeup and my skin is looking the best it has in some time. I've even taken pictures using the foundation to see how it photographs and it didn't come up too white in digital photos at all which was very surprising to me...... I wish I knew about her products years ago.
  9. Oh, yes...Meow Cosmetics. One of my girl friends turned me on to the line.
    They have great colors!
    That is a very fun line. My skin has never really been oily. Maybe that's why Bare Escentuals wasn't a problem. I'm going to look into Jane Iredale.
  10. I use Youngblood mineral foundation and it works well for me. Then again, my skin is pretty normal so that might be why I don't have problems except when I get dry patches.
  11. I don't use bareminerals but my mom does and I really don't like it on her. The powder just seems to sit on the surface of her skin, it doesn't blend, and it does seem to make her look older. I think that she's using a shade that's too light for her (I told her, she's going to look into a darker shade), I think that's the root of the problem. Foundation that's just a little too light always ends up looking bad, even in liquid form. Maybe play around with the colors a little.
  12. Eep! BM haters! Hehe, I, on the other hand, started using Bare Minerals from my mother because she looks AWESOME in it. She looks way younger, imo.

    I really like the BM. And I actually had someone today ask me how I keep my face from getting apparently it doesn't make me greasy.

    I really like it. It works really well with my skin, much better than Covergirl or anything I have used before.

    I suppose with every different foundation that people use, there will be varying opinions.

    I hate liquid foundations, but I know people who swear by them and they look good on them, but not me.

    Just a matter of opinions then.
  13. I have used both BareMinerals and Jane Iredale. I think that both have the potential to look bad, just like any makeup, if it isn't applied properly. Choosing the correct shade and then blending well is the key to making the product look good. I have oily skin and I'm prone to dark patches. Mineral makeup is the only stuff that stays on my skin all day and provides great coverage. However, if I put on too much, it looks absolutely awful. Moderation is the key!
  14. I have tried all kinds of liquid foundations and nothing ever looked good on me...i tried bare minerals and i love it! when i put on too much, it looks horrid i just apply a little bit...i've gotten many compliments whenever i have bare minerals on...oh, and my co-worker bought the youngblood mineral foundation but it looks too cakey on her...she looked better when she was using bare minerals...
  15. I have had very oily skin and experimented with blending BE foundation and mineral veil together before applying. That worked great for me until my skin became less oily. Now I can buff on the foundation straight. But if I put on too much, then I look cakey.

    I think their product is amazing and I have loved it for the last 10 years. Anytime I have gone to another type, I'm sorry and go back.

    I have tried Jane's pressed foundation and it is too heavy for me. Reminds me of MAC Studio Fix.