do you also get better treatment in designer shops....

  1. ....when using your edith?? especially in the large version, I get SOOO many compliments and many people even want to touch it to feel the leather!

    I never got soooo many compliments on my birkin...

    also, it is a bag that you have to learn to fall in love with.
    when I first purchased it, I thought it looked akward but am LOVING it lately....

    anyone else noticing the same thing?
  2. Sometimes, that depends on the location. Like my chocolate spy got lots of complients on banana republic, Nordstrom, Saks... But my large edith doesn't get as many as spy does. But when I was in Neiman, Saks or some boutiques, SAs or customers there recognize this bag.:biggrin:
  3. I've worn my Edith shopping, to work and out to dinner. When I am shopping I catch people staring it all the time. One of the great things about Ediths is the rich coloring. Chamois looks like butter, chocolate is good enought to eat and the whiskey is so unique. What I get the most comments on is the leather. People always say that it looks sumptious.

    The SA's know that the bag is hard to find so when I mention it over the phone or in person they always treat me like I've climbed the Himalayans to achieve owning one! :roflmfao:
  4. Yeah, whenever my mom and i go shopping together all the SAs are like, "i LOOOOOOOOOOVE your bag!"