Do You Already Have Your Eye On Your Next Bag ?

Jan 23, 2006
Well, I have been drooling over a beige calfskin Chanel handbag for about 2weeks now,I'm just not to sure about the chain handle.

Anyway, Do any of you Ladies and Gentleman Have your eye on your next purchase ??
My father cut me off. He said I accumilated a 10,000 dollar credit card debit during the year that he payed off from my purchases alone. So now I am waiting until my birthday in March. My bf is kind enough to offer me his credit card but I feel bad, I don't want to charge anything on it.I always tell him he needs to save his money for when we get married, then he won't be offering his credit card so easily. But I know he still will. He is too much of a sweetheart.

I want a mini chloe paddington in silver and a white scalloped bottega veneta.
I have my eye on my next next bag, but not my next bag. My next next bag is going to be a chocolate Bottega Veneta ball bag in the fall. I want a white bag as my next one, but I'm having troubles finding the perfect one!
I am trying to buy less bags this year. Since the new year, I have not bought any bags. Quite frankly, I have not seen any bags screaming "buy me!"
ayla said:
Speedy for me.. sometime soon !

Ayla, you should get it before the LV price hike if you're talking about the mono or epi speedy. If it's the damier speedy, then you're out of luck with the price hike.
lexington vernis in framboise and than speed 30 epi in red that are my wanted bag so far. but the year just started and I gave a mc white lodge pm a beautiful loving home 3 weeks ago;)